And We’re Back. Sorta.

Holy crap. Yes, it’s been a year since the last post. But a busy year in the real world it seems.

When the last entry was written, BK and I were still renting an apartment in Alexandria, VA. We were still learning (sorta) the ropes of married life. And I had to resort to working on my minis in the cramped dining room. And displaying what I could there.

After the last entry though, things definitely revved up for us. We started house hunting, and after going through failed bids, we finally found our first home.  Pretty stoked because

a) I now have a room to display my minis (yay!)
b) More space = excuse to get mid-century furniture (in human scale! Not just 1:12 scale! Eat that, dolls!)
c) The place has a patio — for me to spray paint and saw wood parts without ruining the floor!

Behold my mini workstation. In yet another dining room (dammit)

Behold my craft workstation. In yet another dining room (dammit!)

But then again, some things don’t change. Like our dining room has become, once more, my craft station. <facepalm>

Even more challenging is the fact my craft table is a vintage mid-century dining table. So I CANNOT mess that up in any shape or form. <insert yet another facepalm moment>. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start explaining to my parents and in-laws why Thanksgiving dinner is completely out of the question at our house.

Along with the new house though, I kinda got sidetracked from my projects with other things. My job has definitely picked up, and while it’s nice to get tapped by your superiors to tackle more responsibilities, it also meant longer hours. And unfortunately, the new house meant a longer commute. So initially, the first thing I wanted to do upon arriving home was cook blog play Cards Against Humanity sleep.

But again, it’s been a year. I think I got my schedule down to a science. And frankly, I miss working on my dollhouses. You know you need to go back to your hobby when you start looking wistfully at your supply boxes. Or as BK likes to put it, “you need something to keep you sane.”

So…for everyone who used to read my blog. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I won’t disappoint.





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