Take Me to Another Place…

…yes folks, I’m quoting part of the refrain of Arrested Development’s “Tennessee” (a pretty awesome song imho).

Let’s just say this week has been a bit taxing at the office. One would think that during the summer months, the work load would generally decrease as more people are taking time off for vacations and what not. Apparently that logic failed to pass that memo in my office. >_<

So as I sat in my cube thinking how I’d want to be anywhere but there…it got me thinking about what project to start. Then I thought “well I can’t freaking afford a vacation nowadays…why not build a vacation spot?”

Lucky for me, I had this in storage….


I originally got mine on eBay around the time BK proposed to me, and the seller didn’t post much info on it. So I had to dig around. Apparently, this is called the “Santa Fe w/Patio Room Box” by Fantasy Crafts. It’s came already assembled and it’s all made of plywood (with acrylic panes to cover the top and bottom). Apparently this company manufactured a bunch of room boxes — but so far, I’ve only come across one online shop – Marions Merry Minis — that carries it. Ended up bookmarking this shop, since it carries some pretty interesting houses and roomboxes (*cough* gonna be broke again *cough*).

With the Santa Fe now taking residence on my work table/dining table (luckily BK doesn’t mind we don’t eat at the dining room — he actually prefers having his meals in the living room. Or at our patio if the weather’s decent), I now needed an inspiration. Considering it’s essentially a room with a small patio.

So I did what any rational minded person would do. Start Googling.


Images from the Sedona Resort & Spa (Source: http://www.enchantmentresort.com)

Granted, I’ve never been to a resort in Sedona. Heck, never been to Arizona either (though I heard it’s beautiful there). But seeing these images, I suddenly had visions of a high-end getaway of sorts. Maybe a high-end room with its own private patio. Stucco walls, stone/tile floors…maybe some wood panelling. And a mid-century piece to boot!

Huh. Looks like my project’s been decided. Time to start crackin’. And hopefully I don’t bite off more than what I can chew!




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