The Sedona Roombox – Preppin’ Time

After figuring out what I was gonna be doing with the Santa Fe roombox (which from hereon will be referred as the Sedona Roombox. Or just Sedona, cuz I’ll eventually get lazy. Just FYI), I spent Saturday morning making a mental list in my head of what I need to do. Unfortunately, making a mental list wasn’t such a good idea for me – my brain apparently operated with the following:

  • Measure out dimensions
  • Coffee
  • Figure out flooring and exterior
  • Coffee
  • See what I have on hand vs what I’ll need to purchase
  • Get. Coffee. Now. And Bagel. Lest I destroy you.

That last bullet point prompted me to have some coffee BK was (luckily) brewing. And a bowl of cereal. Sorry brain, you can’t have everything.

Once the brain (and stomach) were safely placated, I fished out a notepad and started re-writing the list. Definitely knew for sure that a) I wanted to roombox to have stucco walls on the outside but that b) the inside would have parts of the walls in stucco, but others with some wood paneling.  That c) I’m gonna attempt to install lights in this roombox (a first in my lifetime!) and that d) tile and stone floors were the way to go.

So with this list finalized (and in writing), I started researching online on stone/tile floors. I know there are vendors out there like the UK-based Richard Stacey who carries fantastic stone/tile flooring and roofing products. Could have gone that route — but frankly, I really needed to watch my budget. I wanted this project to cost me way less than an actual plane ticket to Sedona. Plus, as much as I love my minis….well, I also want BK and I to eat you know. Plus we have a house which means we gotta pay the mortgage too.

So I started checking out my favorite blogs and forums about making one’s own tile and stone flooring. I came across a bunch of tutorials of folks using styrofoam, egg cartons….and air dry or paper clay. That completely intrigued me – I’ve never worked with either medium before, and have been impressed with what folks have created.


What I’ll (hopefully) need to make the adobe tiles and stone floor for the Sedona roombox.

At the same time, well….I actually had both types on clay on hand (Hobby Lobby, why have you become such an online addiction to me??). Couldn’t help it — I get their emails about free shipping and reminders of their ever-present 40% off coupon on the highest priced item. They know how to feed my need to hoard re-supply my craft boxes.

With the supplies checked, I went through my bookmarks and actually found this tutorial from So Mini Projects. The ever so talented Wanda wrote a tutorial on how she made her paving stones using DAS clay (thanks Wanda!) — and what caught my eye was how she created a jig to help her roll out the clay to an even thickness using a vinyl tile and some scraps of wood. That’s actually a brilliant idea!

Sadly, I didn’t have a vinyl tile on hand. Looks like a Home Depot run is gonna be in order. <sigh>

Update (6/8/13 at 9 pm)
Well, after getting sidetracked, I finally made it to Home Depot and got what I needed to make the jig. And behold the finished product! Pretty simple to make really — I took some balsawood strips that were about 1/8 inch thick (since that’s the thickness I want the floor tiles will take), mitered them to frame the tile, then glued using some Quick Grip. Now I just need to let the glue cure before I can start making the tile floors!


Finally! It’s done! Not bad for an under $3 tool!


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