Aw Man….First Roadblock

Guess it was bound to happen huh?  Was wondering when this would come along…

After checking the tiles were dried out enough (some of them appeared to have curled up during the drying process; a slight pressing seemed to have solved that issue quickly), I started installing the tiles on the floor. They did shrink a bit as they dried, but not as much as I had thought. But that’s okay — the edges were a little rough, and I had to use a pair of sharp shears to trim them down. Figured I’d trim a couple of dozen pieces, then start gluing them down on the floor.

When it came to installation…the tutorials started giving varying suggestions when it came to glue. Some suggested PVA (which I’m gonna guess is the equivalent of Sobo Glue here in the United States), others mentioned using wood glue or even Quick Grip. Since I didn’t have the former (and I wasn’t going to waste my limited supply of the latter)…figured I’d try my reliable standby of Tacky Glue (the Fast Grip formula). And no, this isn’t my poor-ass attempt for sponsorship. Though it’d be awesome to get some discount coupons for the glue — I definitely go through them quickly.

And so the installation begins. And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement for Aileen’s Tacky Glue. Though I’m perfectly open to that opportunity. 😛


Am sure I did this wrong, but I placed the first tile at the lower left of the floor (there’s a groove there for the plexiglass “shield” of the roombox). Then began installing the next tile towards the back wall. In order to keep as even a spacing between the tiles as possible, I cut up some strips of wood (about 1/8″ wide and 1/16th” thick) and used them as my guides.

Just another close up of the tiles.

Just another close up of the tiles. You can sorta make out the wood strips/guides I was using on the far most row….

As for the glue…I think it held up well. I had to apply a thick smear on each tile and press it down on the floor to get it to adhere. But after letting it set for a minute…you can tell it wasn’t budging anywhere.

So I kept going with the rest of the tiles until I got to the last row…which I didn’t install any tiles. Because I realized that I hit my first roadblock — I didn’t factor in for the door.

Almost there - oh wait....

Almost there – oh wait….

I had ordered an interior French door from Earth & Tree Miniatures in NH to use for this roombox (because I wanted a glass door type of door for my resort room). But it hadn’t arrived yet in the mail..and I wasn’t sure if the threshold and its trim would require me to trim the tiles down to accommodate that. So until I get that door…I’ll have to stop here for now. Curses!

Man, just as when I was on a roll with this…time to go back to the list, and figure out what I can do in the meantime….

For now, I can only admire about 98% of the floor.

For now, I can only admire about 98% of the floor.



2 thoughts on “Aw Man….First Roadblock

  1. Yup, will be planning to grout. Just deciding between two materials that I have on hand (and which is gonna be the less messy). As for the sealer — some tutorials listed using those acrylic water-based varnishes (like Ceramcoat). But I’m actually tempted to try wax to see if that works…

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