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My new purchases - a PRD table and a pair of chairs from MINIMAGINE

My new purchases – the X Dining Table from PRD Miniatures and a pair of chairs from MINIMAGINE

While construction on the Sedona roombox is on hold (it looks like the stuff I ordered to do the lighting is scheduled to arrive today – yay!)…figured I’d post some entries on the new stuff I’ve acquired over the last couple of days. And the awesome folks who make them. 🙂

Most of you know that two of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to modern minis are a) they’re not exactly available and b) the ones that are available can be a big investment. And given this is isn’t exactly a cheap hobby (am now resorting to having a monthly budget), it can be frustrating. Yes, there’s always the option to DIY them. Then again, I don’t exactly have the skill level (let alone the facilities/resources) to pull that off. Luckily, there’s a growing number of folks who are stepping up to meet that challenge.

For starters, I finally took the plunge and purchased my first piece from PRD Miniatures. Had initially held back because the ones I’ve lusted wanted were on the pricey end (but man they are beautiful). I didn’t frequent the site until recently, when I saw the site added a Quick Ship section. And that’s where I saw this X Table – and for $40, heck yeah! I’ll have to get this again in white and the square top version in the near future.

So if you haven’t checked his site — please do (and sign up for his newsletter for updates). His stuff is really drool worthy. Along with Mme Doris from MiniModernista, I’d be buying stuff here constantly. (Attempts to hint to BK about the M112 Pods haven’t taken root. Will keep trying though)

As for the chairs — I accidentally found them when doing a random search on Etsy. Mme M from MINIMAGINE actually makes furniture for 1:6 scale (for all ye fans of the Momoko/Fashion Integrity/Barbie dolls). But she can do 1:12 scale if you ask. She was really nice to set up a custom order for me to have these chairs in red (since I wanted them to go with the table). And even though Mme M is based on Poland, was really surprised on how quickly these lovelies arrived at my post office. In fact, I ended up placing a custom order for more chairs in different colors to keep on hand. Have a ton of tables in my inventory, but no chairs to go with them. My dolls need fun chairs gosh-darn it!

And apparently, that last statement was accurate — my new additions to the miniature doll cast are giving them stamp of approval (I’ll write about these guys soon – their house is the next on my construction list once the Sedona is complete).

They like it! They really do!

They like it! They really do!


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