Well This Is Sucky News…

This never fails to crack me up.

No, this does not pertain to the Sedona roombox. In fact, it’s safely secured in one of the closets on the second floor — along with the rest of my stuff that were on top of my dining-room-table-turned-workshop.

BK and I will hosting some friends next week, and we started scouring the house from the ground up. No, I’m not saying we’re complete slobs (I clean the house twice a week – thanks Mom for the OCD tendencies). But if company is involved….let’s just say BK thinks I go absolutely cray-cray in having a clean home. Hey, someone has to keep the place clean right?

Anyways…sorry for the rambling.

Since I was waiting around for the door to arrive, I figured maybe I should work on the Primrose. Yeah, remember that little house? The last time I worked on it was April 2012, after installing the floor and wallpaper. After that was done, I ended up wrapping and packing it away, since that’s about the time BK & I began house-hunting.

So I thought “well, the Primrose is in storage. Can’t work on the Sedona till the stuff arrives…maybe I’ll do two homes in tandem.”

That sounded like a great idea….till I started looking for the box where I packed the Primrose.

I checked the closets upstairs….closets downstairs. Then I went outside to our patio’s storage shed and looked in there (and freaked out when I came across a HUGE wolf spider). Then checked the closets once more. I couldn’t find the box where I kept the half-built house.

At this point, I’m freaking out. Then it occurred to me to ask my husband if he had seen the container. This is literally the transcript of our conversation.

Me: Hun, remember that house I built before we moved? I put it in a box and could have sworn we moved it in.

BK: Was it the box with the Delmonte pineapple logo?

Me: Yes!

BK: The one you used painter’s tape to seal it?

Me: Yes! Yes! Where did we put it???

BK: <long pause> We threw it out…cause you fell on it and squashed it flat remember?


According to BK, that’s what I looked like.
Minus the awesome kung-fu moves of course.

Based on the poleaxed expression that was plastered on my face, BK explained that during the actual move day, I was frantically rushing between the first and second floors of our house, moving boxes around to the right rooms. And in my rush, (according to BK), I tripped on some empty boxes and rather than going face down, I twisted my body enough to land on my bottom. And crushed a box in the process. More specifically, the Delmonte pineapple box wrapped in blue painters tape. That had the Primrose inside.

Funny thing is, I started to remember falling on a box. But it didn’t register at the time that it was THAT box. Guess the day’s activities really kept me busy.

Suffice to say, am pretty bummed at this sad news. Guess that explains why I couldn’t find the house to begin with. Guess for now, have to decide if I want to get another Primrose kit and redo everything…or just start something else.

Man, what a bummer.




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