In the Meantime

Since I can’t proceed until the mortar cures, I’ll have to make do with shuttling between a new project (more on that later)…and maybe working on the little things with the Sedona. In this case, this entry is more on the latter.

With the Sedona having a new L-shaped deck (really liking that), I had to figure out something for the space that the deck now surrounds. Luckily, I had these suckers on hand.

Mini stones. Photos from

Mini stones. Photos from

Doing a dry-fit run on the stones.

These are actually thin slabs of wood (about 2 mm thick) that were randomly cut and painted to simulate stone. I bought a pack of the large and mini stones from during one of their promo sales. They carry a pretty big selection of stuff, and if you sign up to receive their emails (and get their catalog), they tend to offer good sales on their merchandise.

Anyways, I only bought one of each set as an experiment — since kinda sucked since I don’t think it’s enough pieces to cover the area. But figured, might as well try…

It took some time finagling the pieces, but the photo on the right was the layout that I was okay with. Definitely didn’t have enough to cover the space, but at least it covered enough until my next order arrives (yay for sales – bought more of the stones to keep on hand). So I started gluing each piece down with tacky glue and putting them in position.  Hopefully once the other stones arrive, I can fill the gaps between the stones with either sand — or maybe some fine gravel. What do you think?

Other than that, this is actually coming along pretty well. Pretty happy about that.


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