Let’s See Where This Goes

View of the Collectibles Cabinet. Photos courtesy of Real Good Toys.

View of the Collectibles Cabinet. Photos courtesy of Real Good Toys.

For those of you are in the dollhouse/miniature hobby, a lot of notable vendors release announcements of contests or build-alongs. The premise is that if you want to participate, you purchase a particular kit, then you have a set amount of time to build & customize it to your liking before a specific deadline. You share (or post) photos of your work for your peers to see, and if it’s a contest, wait to see if the judges determine you have the winning build.

I haven’t participated in either to be honest with you. Most of the time, it’s because of lack of time (this is usually where my office starts to get busy with incoming projects). But others were because I wasn’t inspired by the kit(s) in question. Granted, there are a ton of folks online who have churned out AMAZING work. But I dunno…something always held me back. This year though, figured…why the hell not. I’ll participate at the first contest/build-along email that hits my inbox. Apparently, Real Good Toys (RGT) must have some kind of spidey-sense action going on, because a few days later…I got their email announcing this year’s RGT Build Along.

And their dollhouse of choice? Apparently the Collectibles Cabinet is a brand new kit…and a first in their build-along in the sense that it’s a front opening kit (vs the more traditional open back that’s more common here in the US). The front looks exactly the same as their 333 Franklin Street dollhouse kit (which I proudly own — though it’s still in kit form, and sitting in my closet). The big difference it seems, is that the Collectibles Cabinet is shallow — the depth of the interior rooms is about 6 inches. I was initially worried if this might be a buzzkill for some folks, but then again…maybe this might prompt folks to be a little more creative in how the rooms will be furnished and decorated.

So did I buy the kit, you might ask? Oh hells yeah I did — all thanks to the discount Real Good Toys was offering if you ordered early (though if you’re reading this now, you might be able to get the discount if you contact the RGT company directly. They’re really friendly and helpful btw!). Of course I picked up some extra components in the order…though what the hell I’ll be doing with them, I’ll figure out when the kit arrives….



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