For All You 3/4, 1:18 Scale Fans Out There

The ARC Dollhouse. Image used with permission by 3 Star Studio Arts.

The ARC Dollhouse.
Image used with permission by 3 Star Studios Arts.

…because honestly, I have no idea who reads my blog anymore. But I wanted to relay this because it looks so awesome. And I’m not ashamed to do some product pimpin’.

I was looking for some laser-cut wood blocks and shapes on Etsy when I came across vendor 3starstudioarts, who’s based in Philadelphia, PA. They carry an awesome selection of laser-cut wood shapes and beads (which would look awesome as mini modern artwork, imho) at awesome prices.

But what I want to gab about is that in their Etsy shop, they have a miniature section. A miniature section that carries a very gorgeous looking dollhouse.

This my friends, is the ARC dollhouse. According to 3starstudioarts, the house was “…designed with mid century modern style in mind. It’s inspired by Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia and the Palácio do Planalto.”

Also love the fact that the ARC is actually made of baltic birch plywood and is laser cut to produce this very mid-century modern design. What’s even nicer about this? The price — the shop is selling the kit for $65. That’s not bad at all for what I think is a piece of artwork!

So while I encourage mini fans to stampede their way to 3starstudioarts’s Etsy shop to get this kit, please keep in mind that the dollhouse is designed for 3/4 or 1:16 scale. So if you are an avid collector of the Brinca Dada, Lundy, Barton, or even Petite Princess furniture & miniatures, this house should work perfectly with them. But if you don’t have any, no worries — the shop sells furniture sets to set your mid-century atomic heart on fire (available in baltic birch or walnut & acrylic).

If you’re wondering if I bought an ARC dollhouse — the answer is a resounding yes. Because I’m planning to have this baby displayed on my dining room table. My mid-century dining room to be precise (though I’m not sure what brand it is — think it’s a Basic-Witz based on the faded markings). Plus, I got some Lundy and Brinca Dada sets that eating up space in my storage bins — and in need of a home asap.


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