RGT Build Along, Part 1(ish): Some Decisions

Yes, I understand the title is misleading. But the truth is, I got the Collectibles Cabinet in the mail on Wednesday, shortly after I wrote the last blog entry. Since my job now allows me to work from home most of the week, I had to wait until my shift ended before I could get started.

Out of the box, and assembled. Yay!

Out of the box, and assembled. Yay!

I won’t bore you with the details on how the Collectibles Cabinet (am going to refer to it as CC cuz I’m lazy like that) was assembled. Though if you really want to know, Real Good Toys was gracious to post the instructions on their site (in case those of us lost the instructions that came with the package. Thank goodness!) It’s pretty straightforward so long as you read the instructions prior to assembling. To be honest with you, I think it took me just 3 hours to assemble everything. Granted, I only painted the interior for now…

Once everything was built and the glue was drying, I knew I had to make a couple of decisions. First one was — what am I going to build out of this kit? Like I said in the previous blog entry, the CC only has a depth of about 6 inches. It’s at least half of what most 1:12 scale rooms have in terms of depth. I had thought of maybe turning this into a shop or a business of sorts. But then I recalled I had a couple of items in my bins that I could finally use. Which pretty much meant the CC was going to be a townhome of sorts.

With that answered, it was off to the next question: lights or no lights?

This part has always been a bone of contention with me. As much as I love seeing lights in a miniature setting, the idea of setting them up in my minis gives me heartburn. Mostly because I find the thought of using tapewire to be terrifying, and most LED-battery based lights still cost a pretty penny. But then again….I got the feeling that I should at least try to install lights in some shape or form. Otherwise, the CC was going to be one dark looking townhouse.

Then it hit me. I did buy a bunch of LED lighting kits from Evans Designs. Don’t remember what for, though knowing my fuzzy-ass brain, it had something to do that it looked easy…and that I can power the wires with a inexpensive 9V battery from the dollar store.

I actually had a ton of these that I ordered online...though these two are all that I had left after installing the other kits into the CC.

I actually had a ton of these that I ordered online…though these two are all that I had left after installing the other kits into the CC.

In terms of what these kits are, each one contains 5 LED bulbs with a red and black wire, and a battery clip with the same set of wires. All you have to do is basically connect the red wire to the red wire that’s attached to the battery clip (and vice versa for the black wires). I like that the battery clip has a button switch attached to it, so once you make the connections, you snap on the 9V battery to the clip, press the switch…and you have light. The site where I got the kit has some videos that prolly explain it better than I do…but all I can say is that the kits were straight foward in their own way.

As to how I used them…I’ll explain in the next entry.


2 thoughts on “RGT Build Along, Part 1(ish): Some Decisions

  1. 6″ deep is pretty shallow, but it has a lot of potential. Great job assembling so far. I have yet to tackle lighting, so I say go for it. I’ll be right there with you on my next build. The kits you found look like they could be really cool. I love the button switch.

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