A Nice Surprise

When I can’t work on my minis (which happened alot until recently), I always resorted to reading other mini blogs. I mean, c’mon — a girl has to get fixes for her obsession right?

One of my most favorite blogs to follow is otterine’s miniatures. I got to know Miss Brae O. via the Greenleaf Dollhouse forum (an excellent resource for minis btw) — and her miniature works are AMAZING.Seriously, if you look at the settings she created, you’d think they’re real. And her work has garnered her some pretty awesome awards. 🙂

(Yes, I’m gushing. But like I said before, I like to give credit to folks where it’s due)

I don’t know what muses or divinities come down and provide divine guidance to every miniature project she’s working on. But the photos she posts in her entries makes me want to gasp and cry and applaud at the same time. Plus I love her writing style when it comes to explaining her construction process – in fact, her entry on how she made her bricks will actually play a crucial part in constructing the CC once I get to that stage.

So back to the reason I’m writing this entry. Mostly writing this because a few days ago, I decided to go through my bins and sort out things I needed/didn’t need. I came across some extra lights that I didn’t need anymore, and for some reason, Brae came to mind. A few email messages later, I was already compiling a bunch of things from my bins to send to Brae.

Once I got an email from her a few days later confirming receipt (thank you USPS folks – am still sorry my dog barks at you all every time!), I figured that’d be it. I was personally content knowing the stuff I found would be of use to her. That is, until I got home and found she had posted new entry — and my gifts were mentioned. Have to say, I was so touched to be mentioned that I actually had to find BK and ask my husband to hug me as I wept.

So Brae, if you’re reading this — no I’m not upset, so don’t worry. I’m just so honored to be mentioned in your awesome-sauce of a blog. I’m already happy to know that my gifts will be of use to your future projects. And if I find more things as I clean out my bins, it’s great to know that they’ll be going to someone who’ll love them as much as I. 😀

Oh yeah, and I’m really sorry if I’m responsible for Sanford and Roland Sneakypants raiding the stove*. Did I put something in the cabinet that caught their attention? (starts to sweat as she tries to remember)

*The modern kitchen unit was purchased from Elf Miniatures in the UK.


2 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. Aw, now you made me blush and tear up! 😀 What a soggy pair we are! Thank you again for the gifts, and I think Roland and Sanford should shoulder the total blame…tee-hee…varmints!

    • Brae, that photo still cracks me up every time I look at it. I can easily imagine you chasing after them with a broom. Hopefully they didn’t something that’s going to make them sick!

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