Enter at Your Own Risk…Seriously

Funny how in the last few days, been churning out posts. Dammit – maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I might jinx myself yet again.

But I figured I should write this since I got a few questions via email about my mysterious “bins”. Also known as my supplies of minis. Or as I like to call them, my “bins o’ crap”. Especially since Brae has confirmed that I’m going through a massive reorganization/inventory project of just what the hell do I exactly have bought and stored away. And it is indeed a work in progress.

But I digress. Onward to the point of this rambling post.

Ever since we moved to our current home, there were some things that stayed the same. Like my using the dining room as my crafting station. Yup, it still looks like various crafts stores came by and vomited a warehouse’s worth of inventory. But at least it’s not doubling as my work station when I work remotely. I recently got a promotion at work (more responsibilities, but more dinero for my obsession! Oh, and for groceries too to feed my husband and pets), and my bosses now require my department to work more from home. So BK and I converted one of the bedrooms to have a work area I can use. Unfortunately, it’s the same room where we keep our pet rats — but they sleep during the day, so I’m able to work undisturbed.

So while the dining room is still my workshop, where in the world am I keeping my miniatures? Yes, I kept them in storage bins (hence my nicknames for them). But where I store them is either going to be a source of amusement — or embarrassment.

So with (reluctant) pomp, behold where my said inventory are kept. If you want to add another layer of amusement, read the captions in the same voice as that voice you hear in the movie trailers…..

In the master bedroom, behind a sealed door...lies her darkest secret.

In the master bedroom, behind a sealed door…lies her darkest secret.

(Yes, I have a lot of handbags. I got that from my mother and sister — shoes and bags are their kryptonite of choice. And yes, that long narrow bag thing? That has my pair of shinais – or better known as bamboo practice swords used in kendo. Hey, someone has to defend the house right?)

....a secret that shows how her obsession knows no bounds. Though it cracks up her husband's ass to no end.

….a secret that shows how her obsession knows no bounds.

Which it cracks my husband’s ass to no end. I’m not joking.

Behold -- how this crazy gal turned her master half bath into a storage room for her miniatures!

Behold — how this crazy gal turned her master half bath into a storage room for her miniatures!

I had to buy new bins from Home Depot to house the stuff during the move. I even kept one of BK’s old IKEA shelves from his apartment so I can use it to store my houses.  You can see the Sedona roombox and my wedding cardbox here!

Bins upon bins of this blogger's collection of minis...all of which she needs to sort through.

Bins upon bins of this blogger’s collection of minis…all of which she needs to sort through.

I am happy to report that I sorted out two of the bins. If I force myself to focus, I probably could finish these bins in an afternoon….

This poor soul will find every space conceivable to house her stuff...including new packages.

This poor soul will find every space conceivable to house her stuff…including new packages.

Yes, I ordered more stuff. But don’t blame me — it’s not my fault miniatures.com was offering some sales (definitely worth signing up to getting their emails. I think in April, they’ll be releasing a promo where you can take 40% off your highest priced item. Score!). They – and probably every store I frequent — know where to hit me where it counts! >_<

Hopefully when you got to this part of the entry, you’ve finished laughing at my expense. So some background info as to why our master half bath (yeap, it’s a half bath) has become my personal storage unit.

The house BK and I bought was originally built in the late 1960s. Despite being a three bedroom condo-turned-townhome (our neighborhood apparently was a rental community till the late 70s), the place only had one full bath and two half baths. One of those half baths was situated within the master bedroom.

Granted, that probably seemed weird nowadays. Since BK and I were used to having a single full bathroom from our previous residence, we mostly resorted to using the full bath upstairs and the half bath downstairs (which also doubles as our laundry room since the washer and dryer are in there as well). So that means the half bath in our master was pretty much unused. That is, until I decided to use it to store my bins. Hey, in a way it makes sense — it has a fan that I can use to draw out moisture if needed. Plus it’s tucked away enough so that no one else will go there. Except myself. And maybe a contortionist from Circle du Soleil (it it TIGHT in there).

Will this arrangement be permanent you might ask? Probably not. I know my father-in-law (who is a retired contractor) suggested maybe expanding it to a full bath. But for now, we’re pretty content with our current arrangement. Plus, I think this gives my husband ammo to tease me if I ever give him a hard time about something. 😦


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