Setting My Atomic Heart A-Fire

At the moment, I’m still cutting more bricks and stones for the CC. It’s definitely a tedious process, but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have enough to start applying. At least that’s the theory. :-\

But for this entry…I wanted to share a special delivery I received in the mail this past Tuesday. I had to wait until that evening to open it up, play around with it, revel in its glory….before coming up with a coherent draft to post here.

I have to profusely thank 3StarStudiosArts for sending me my order of the ARC Dollhouse so quickly. I figured it was made to order and all. But seeing how I bought it on March 19th and it was at my door by March 24th? Talk about mind-blowing! 😀

This was close to the actual expression….

Actually, it was excellent timing that the ARC arrived that day — had a seriously rough day at the office, and the thought of cutting more stones and bricks for the CC…well, let’s say I was planning to fix a couple of strong beverages to go along with that. Yeah I know,  alcohol + a sharp X-Acto knife = not exactly brilliant by any standards.

After opening the package and pulling out the contents, I automatically went into dry-fitting mode.

The ARC in a dry fit status. Fastest assembly ever.

The ARC in a dry fit status. Fastest assembly ever.

I apologize for not taking pictures during the fitting process. But in all honestly, it was a breeze to assemble. Yes, the kit came with very easy to follow instructions – you can literally just glance at its graphical schematics and know exactly what piece goes where. A T-square is pretty handy to use to make sure the panels are square with with each. But then again, the notches fit perfectly with each other so it’s pretty hard to not make the panels be square with each other. Unless of course you were roaring drunk prior to assembling this.  😛

(No I have never been roaring drunk prior to an assembly. Because I’m a classy gal like that)

Once I did the dry fit for the main structure (I gave up using painter’s tape for any dry-fittings and resorted to plain ol’ masking tape), I slid the floors in place…and it was done. Time it took to put all of this together — about 15 minutes.

Interior view of the ARC from the right side.

Interior view of the ARC from the right side.

Interior view from the left side. Swoon!

Interior view from the left side. Swoon!

Once the ARC was set up, I did a test fitting using my Brinca Dada sets (scored these on eBay awhile back). The bathroom worked perfectly on the second floor (on the left side of the house).

But when I tried the kitchen set on the first floor….the ceiling clearance was short by about 1/8″. Bummer! If my Brinca Dada kitchen can’t fit…then there’s a chance some of my Lundby pieces (at least the ones made in the last 5 years like their Stockholm, Gotland and Smaland series)…won’t fit either.

Moment of truth...

Moment of truth…

I was debating about sanding the upper floor to accommodate the kitchen set, but was reluctant to do so. I didn’t want to do anything that might affect the ARC’s overall structure. Plus, the thought of ruining the baltic birch plywood that was used to build the kit made me cringe. I wasn’t going to offend its creators by doing something that I cannot repair in case something goes wrong.

Then it hit me. I noticed on the ARC’s page on Etsy that the shop posted a photo of it having some vintage miniatures displayed in its room – which actually worked out really well.  So if I can’t fit my more modern pieces in the ARC…maybe the vintage 3/4 and 1:18 scale miniatures might.

Actually my brain did the following sequence:

If modern Brinca Dada + Lundby = does not fit in ARC
vintage Lundby + Fisher Price + Ideali/Petite Princess + Strombecker = do fit in ARC,then
ARC = excuse for this crazy gal to go vintage toy shopping!
ARC = yet another reason for this gal to either get a Lundby or Brinca Dada house for the other minis!

Woohoo! Let the games begin!

But in the meantime…back to cutting more bricks and stones…. <sigh>


2 thoughts on “Setting My Atomic Heart A-Fire

  1. This is SUCH helpful information! Those Brinca Dada pieces are so cool, I wish they fit. *sigh* I’ve been looking at some 3/4 scale stuff from Land of Nod (in wood toy section) that looks like a lot of fun, too. I can’t wait to see the vintage pieces that you find. . . .!!!! xoxox

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