Something for the ARC that’s made for a Princess

Despite the slight change of plans with the ARC in terms of furniture, decided to proceed forward with whatever I could do in the meantime. Which wasn’t much for today unfortunately. But that’s perfectly okay – I mean, the weekend’s coming up, so surely I can make it up on those two blissful days right?

(Meanwhile my brain decided to go to a corner and laugh hysterically at the above statement. Man is she a pain or what?)

While I managed to make some progress in making my egg carton stones and bricks for the CC (my order of egg cartons arrived today – yay!), the highlight came when my local USPS and UPS dudes arrived with a slew of packages. And yes, I stand by the word “slew” — think I counted about 12 packages in total. A couple of them involved some minis that I will write about later. The bulk had to do with the CC (yet another post), and the last two were specifically for the ARC. It really felt like Christmas morning opening the boxes — so much so that I did a little jig similar to the video below at 0:37.  Wasn’t as smooth or epic how this dude did it though.  😛

Yeap, you guys are next.

Yeap, you guys are next.

But before we get to those ARC-centric packages…onward to the house itself.

After much hemming and hawing, decide to also apply the LED lights to the ARC.  Given the amount of success I had applying the LEDs to the CC, I was basically planning to repeat that same process. Granted, it’s a small house and all. But something about its windows that’s screaming for some warm light to come illuminating out of it. Plus, I still have these remaining kits to use. No point of getting more if I have these around.

Due to the curved shape of the second floor/first floor ceilings, I ended up winging the measurement process.  So if anyone is thinking of following this….do it at your risk ok?

To start, I needed to figure out where to install the lights. So rather than dismantling the ARC (and I was just lazy), I took off the roof’s railings and basically flipped the house upside down. Like literally.

What in the world--???

What in the world–???

Once it was flipped over, I took a ruler and pencil and started figuring out where to drill the holes for the LED bulbs. Because the ARC’s floor partitions are more curved, I ended doing measurements based on where the windows were located. I figured so long as the lights are no more than 2 inches away from them…that should work out.

Marking the marks.

Marking the marks.

I just then repeated this on the other floors. Since my remaining LED bulb kits combined meant I had a total of 10 bulbs (5 with a 3mm wide bulb, and the remaining five with 5 mm bulbs), I really had to be careful with how many bulbs  I wanted each room to have. It turned out the number worked out perfectly — the right side of the ARC (where the bedroom & living room are located) will each get 3 bulbs while the left side (the kitchen and bathroom) will get two. In terms of which room will get which bulbs — I’m not sure yet. From what I’ve read, both LED bulbs will give the same amount of light…

All set and ready for drilling. Just not right now though.

All set and ready for drilling. Just not right now though.

After the spots were marked….well, that was all I could do. It was too cold outside (damn pseudo winter-spring snow!) to take the pieces out and use the power drill. Plus, the floor partitions are of a certain width — I’d rather have BK do the drilling since he’s got more of a steady hand on this. Plus, I’m terrified I might break the partitions — and I’d end up contacting M. Zak and Mme. KP of 3StarStudioArts for replacements. I’d like to avoid that if possible thank you very much. 🙂

So with a heavy heart, I flipped the house back on its proper place — went back to making more stones for the CC.

A few hours later (cause I had to feed BK and our 4 legged children), I went back to the ARC but this time to try out the new goodies I got in the mail.

I mentioned the last entry that due to the height of the rooms, I had to resort to using more vintage 3/4, 1:18 scale miniatures. I scoped the miniature section on EBay and found a few things, but nothing jumped out to me. But at least it gave me some brands to look for  via Google– notably Petite Princess, Fisher Price, Tomy  and Strombecker.

Through Google, I found this vintage trading area called Ruby Lane — which is basically a virtual antique mall. It took some getting used to, but thanks to its search feature, I was able to find some vendors who had some pieces that I was looking for. And one of them arrived today.

Ain't she cute? And comfy looking too!

Ain’t she cute? And comfy looking too!

This occasional chair belonged to the Petite Princess line, which was manufactured by a company called Ideal (aka the Ideal Toy & Novelty Corporation) during the early 1960s. The idea for the line was to create a series of high end doll furniture — and apparently, Ideal’s concept of “high end” meant pieces that were hand painted, or used materials such as satins, porcelains, brass etc. I can definitely see the company wasn’t joking around with the quality. This chair is in excellent condition — the corduroy fabric is still brand new and plush to touch.

Sadly, the Petite Princess line didn’t last very long. Ideal kept the line from 1964 till about 1968. I’m not sure as to why — some sources I read said that sales for the Petite Princess line weren’t high compared to Ideal’s more popular (and affordable) Patti doll furniture (which was also on 3/4 scale).  Others said that it was meant to be limited time product. But whatever is the actual reason, Ideal only manufactured a certain amount of the Petite Princess furniture — and collectors are snapping them up left and right. So I felt ridiculously lucky that I found this chair and ottoman on Ruby Lane for about $24 — and another matching chair at Etsy for a little bit more. While I like this beige piece and all, a blue one would have been pretty awesome too. 🙂

The second piece of furniture I got for the ARC is something more of the current. But adorable nonetheless.


Come to Momma.

I found this on eBay (hey, my last entry said I was going to need to shop for stuff for the ARC. I do not kid when it comes to mini shopping) and was surprised at how quickly it got to my house. It’s a Lundby set and from their more recent Smaland line. Was initially hesitant about opening this, given how I couldn’t fit my Brinca Dada set in the house…

…which turned out to be unfounded. Because the set looks perfect on the ARC’s rooftop patio. Success — one of the places in the ARC is complete furniture-wise!


Looks pretty relaxing


Sheesh, even I want to sit here with a cold beverage and a book!

Sheesh, even I want to sit here with a cold beverage and a book!

Oh man, weekend, please hurry up and get here. I really want to get back to working on the houses. Yes, that means continuing to cut more bricks and stones <sniff>.

So far, so good

So far, so good


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