Throwing This Out to the Peanut Gallery…

Despite what WordPress has reported on my dashboard on the number of views my posts have had, and the number of followers to my blog….it’s probably safe to say that I’ll forever be mystified as to who reads my stream of consciousness rantings postings.

Okay, time to get off the soap box and proceed with the post.

On the weekends, I have this awful habit of getting up early at 6:00 am.  It doesn’t matter what time I went to bed – at 6:00 am, my eyelids fly open, I give out a HUGE yawn, and I need to roll out of bed. Staying in bed doesn’t make me fall asleep — if anything I probably drive poor BK crazy with my constant shifting around.

Anyways, once I’m up, I typically make my way downstairs to the dining room-turned-craft station and continue to work on making more stones and bricks. Also quickly becoming known as my 4th Circle in Hell (what can I say, I LOVE Dante’s Inferno). This morning, however, BK decided to come downstairs shortly after to make our morning coffee — and have the following conversation with me.

BK: Are you using those doors and windows on the house? (points at the CC)

Me: (measuring and cutting strips) I think so. Why?

BK: It doesn’t look right….I mean, wouldn’t they look weird once you put the stonework?

BK is referring to these windows and doors. I had originally bought these from the Real Good Toys website when I bought the CC.

Queen Anne style windows and doors. Purchased from Real Good Toys.

Queen Anne style windows and doors. Purchased from Real Good Toys.

When applied to the CC, they look like this. It doesn’t look bad right?

This is how the Queen Anne style look...

This is how the Queen Anne style looks like…

Conversation went back and forth for awhile. While BK didn’t exactly say that I’m being ridiculous (he knows if he pisses me off, he won’t be eating for a week. Because he knows who is the cook of our household), he thinks if the upper windows are more rectangular in shape, then so should the bottom windows and doors. It was kinda funny, now that I think about it — I mean, I have to give him credit for wanting to argue with someone who’s wielding a sharp X-Acto knife. And she ain’t afraid to cause some damage with it. 😛

So to appease him (and I really didn’t want to commit homicide before my morning coffee. Again, because I can be such a lazy-ass), we trooped back upstairs to my “storage of shame” and after fishing around my bins, I pulled out this combination.

The Victorian set. I don't what they're called, but we're calling it this because I'm too lazy.

The Victorian set. I don’t know what they’re really called, but we’re calling it this because I’m too lazy.

I don’t remember who manufactured this (Alessio? Any ideas miniature fans?) — all I remembered is that I bought it from one of two miniature shops that’s within driving distance of my home. So we trooped back downstairs and I set it up against the CC.


There BK. Happy now? Now gimme my %$@& cup of coffee…

The odd part? This is nice too. It’s more traditional looking, and it would be more classic against the masonry. As soon I get through the hell that is cutting and prepping the pieces and actually installing them.

What do you guys think? Which do you prefer? Be curious to hear what you think. I figured I’ll need to sit on it for awhile before I make decision. Also known as flipping a quarter and praying for the best.



4 thoughts on “Throwing This Out to the Peanut Gallery…

  1. HI! I am one of those who enjoys your . . . posts, although I am not a “registered” follower. If you want an opinion, both window options look good and will work well. But, if you’re leaning toward your original choice, you can make a small alteration that will give a more cohesive look: add a crossbar to the lower-floor windows and door at the same proportional place as the upper level windows. Also, it would look fine to brick only the lower floor and stucco the upper two (if you want another option there).

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. BK is totally right. It really does look better and more consistent with the straight lines throughout. I vote for the new ones. (You had to eat a lot of eggs for those bricks)

  3. I will join in as someone who has been enjoying your posts and has been mulling over which is best. Honestly, and to agree with Fran, I like both options and think either would do well. The square angles and cutouts of the second one seem to go well with the border (though I feel the window leading on the door is a little out of the style), yet the rounded windows and doors remind me of classic New York-type architecture. Best of luck with the decision, and in overcoming your 4th level of Hell!

  4. I’ve started following you by putting a link in my ‘Cool blogs to visit’ sidebar on my blog. Didn’t know if you could follow WordPress any other way.
    I think the new windows/door match better with the upper windows.

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