Thanks Everyone!

Given that my last post was an off-tangent rant (really sorry about that folks), I wanted to at least provide a follow up on what I ended up choosing as my door/window combo for the CC. Based on the comments on my post, random emails, and to my surprise, getting sidelined by coworkers who found my blog….I chose….

The Victorian set. I don't what they're called, but we're calling it this because I'm too lazy.

The Victorian set. I don’t what they’re called, but we’re calling it this because I’m too lazy.

Yes, BK initially chose this combo. And no, it wasn’t because I caved in to my husband. Most of the comments pointed that this set worked better with the bigger windows. And the more I looked at them, it did make sense.

When I did tell BK that his choice got some pretty solid backup from you folks…all I can say is that his reaction was the spitting image of this.

This…pretty much is an accurate representation of my husband’s reaction. From

After leaving my husband to bask in the glow of marital victory (I let it slide….because again, he knows his limits if he wants to be fed), I did want to do something about the door. Granted, I like the “glass” part of the door and all…but the design wasn’t flying with me (ebmagpie, if you’re reading this entry, I totally agree with you on the window leading!).

So what I did I do about it, you ask? Well…I replaced that bad boy with this.

New window leading

New window leading

Work the last 2 weeks really took a beating on me. If I wasn’t swamped at the office, I was equally swamped during the evenings. So ironically, the only times I could really devote time to the hobby were either early in the morning….or during my lunch hour on the weekdays. So for the door, I bought this “stained glass” window pane on eBay….and actually brought it to work with me to cut down to size during my lunch break.

After installing the new window, I set up the door and windows into the CC…and it looks better right?

But what made me happy though, was when I turned on the lights…

Man, those lights are bright.

Man, those lights are bright.

…folks, you have NO idea how eager I am for the weekend to start. I want to jump back into working on this and the ARC. Even continuing my 4th Circle of Hell (aka, making more egg carton bricks and stones)….

So again, everyone who gave me feedback….thanks so much! I’ll need to come up with something as a form of gratitude…..


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