Sigh of Relief – and Hopefully A Return to Normalcy

Sorry about that last entry. I had really debated about really bringing up what happened to the ARC. But BK (bless his heart) pointed out that folks might wonder why all entries about the ARC not just ended….but possibly appear out of order if I end up writing future entries of things I already did with the (now missing) ARC.

Talk about a good point. Score one for BK in this round I guess.

Yes folks, I did reorder the ARC on Etsy. I went back to 3StarStudio’s shop and ordered another ARC kit. So Z & KP, if you are both reading this, I’m so sorry for the derailment. I’m still intent on continuing to chronicle the build once ARC II (my name for the second kit) arrives at my doorstep.

While we’re in the topic of 3StarStudio…..I do want to relay the shop’s newest miniature additions. Warning: the stuff is 1/24 or 1/2 scale. So for you fans of half-scale miniatures, have I got some kickass news for you!

Behold from the creative minds of Z and KP —  the Butterfly Dollhouse!

The Butterfly Dollhouse by 3starstudioarts. My heart’s a-fluttering that’s for sure. (image from 3starstudio’s Etsy Store)

Yes, it is a half-scale size house. But check out the lattice work in the front! It looks amazing! It looks like it could be a fantastic pool house, or a a very chic hotel….or maybe a museum of modern art…?  Based on the photos on the Etsy listing, it has 3 (?) rooms and its overall size after assembly is 18.5″ W x 11.5″ D x 11.5″ H = a nice centerpiece on your table if you’re up for it.

This is super tempting….but I must be good. I’m already occupying the master bath as my storage unit for my minis. And it’s gotten more full due to some recent shopping at my local miniature shops (retail therapy….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). But then again….it’s half scale, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a space to display it right?

(Meanwhile, I can hear BK groan from his office next door)

Of course, to go with this beauty, 3StarStudio is also selling furniture to go with the Butterfly Dollhouse. Are these not adorable or what???

(Insert squeals of delight here) Image from 3starstudio’s Etsy page.

I’m going to lose my mind. If anyone has already purchased these from Z & KP, do share. So the rest of us can live vicariously through you. Seriously.


One thought on “Sigh of Relief – and Hopefully A Return to Normalcy

  1. I must admit that I read your last entry and got angry along with you. I understand how it feels to have something taken from you, especially with total disregard of its value to you. I do not share my miniature hobby openly because when I did I received negative comments as well. That’s why I am thankful for you sharing your story. Can’t wait to read about what you do with the ARC II and Butterfly Dollhouse. Smile this is a chance to build it better!

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