In Meantime….Time to Share the Goodies

This posting was meant to go up around Easter, since that would have been more accurate. But it’s better now than never right? Plus, after the shock of losing the ARC…think this blog needs something more fun and pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

Think April was the month of massive purchases for me. Since my promotion, I realized that I could now have a little bit more spending money to put towards my hobby. And it seems that the mini gods noticed that too — and I’m going to put the blame on them for all those emails I’ve received about sales on various minis.

Telling you folks — if you made me choose between getting a designer dress on clearance or walking away with a boxload of minis, hands down I’d be choosing the minis. Even if it means running out of space in my house.

But enough rambling — time to show and share the goodies!

For starters, one of my favorite mini shops in the DC Metro area held their annual 30% off sale…apparently the owners wanted to sell off stuff they weren’t planning to restock anymore. Luckily for me, those items were the ones I had my eyes on for quite some time.

First, I got 4 Charles & Ray Eames chairs (Reac Japan). For a future dining room….or office scene.

Modern Chairs

Was running low on building supplies, so stocked up on doors….


…and hardware. Why is it always difficult to find doorknobs and house numbers???


Did a massive stock up on flooring….I mean, 30% off for each one? Heck yeah it’s worth eating ramen for a month (well, for me at least. BK refuses to touch that stuff. Mmm…..spicy ramen noodles…). I think I might have pissed off some of the customers who were at the shop because I was literally loading up my shopping basket with wood and tile floors….


A couple of mortar/grout containers and railings….


…and some outdoor stuff. Already have some idea what to do with these.


I found this tucked away in one the shop’s shelves. I think it’s supposed to be a table, but the legs remind me of those vintage Singer sewing machine base/legs. And somehow, a light bulb (granted, it was dim and probably riddled with cobwebs) lit up in my head and I immediately had a project in mind for this. Stayed tuned!


Whenever I visited the mini shop, they always had this nursery set on display. I used to put it immediately in my basket, but every time, I ended up putting it back. Mostly because I always found an excuse a reason why to not get it. After 3 years of this inanity….I just said screw it and bought it. Again, I was already planning to eat ramen for a month to offset the costs….


While the above stash was awesome….an even bigger case of awesomesauce awaited me when I got home from my trip to the mini shop. BK greeted me at the door with kisses (and good-natured groans at my purchases) — and a special package from none other than the ever talented Miss Brae O. of

Okay, some background on this — Miss Brae actually had mentioned in her blog that she was putting a bunch of her supply stash on eBay. I ended up putting a bid on some railings she was selling and won them (woohoo!). But what was even cooler was that she surprised me with additional goodies. Granted, she told me and asked what I’d love to procure from her. Since I couldn’t exactly procure her secret Muse (cause seriously, have you seen her work? If not – go to her blog and be prepared to be shocked & awed), she provided something even more awesome.

So I got the railings I won on eBay….


…followed by Goodie #1….matching shorter rails!


Then came what got me squealing with excitement. Miss Brae O gave me pillows!!!


Okay, even though she asked me what pillows I wanted from her shop — I still can’t believe that I got them! I had been lusting eyeing these bad boys from her Etsy shop for a LONG, LONG time. And now….they’re all mine!! <insert laughter and maybe the sound of thunderstorms here>

I was so stoked, I pulled out my 1:12 counterpart to model the new goodies. And oh man…the pictures did not do them justice.


Mini Daphne finishing her set up.


Is she back from shopping? Or just about to start the retail madness?

Luckily, BK’s 1:12 counterpart Bryan was enjoying the pillows as well. He loves the ones with the honeybee apparently….


Ready to curl up for his nap with these little honeys…..

Brae, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I know this is late, but again, I want to thank you for the adorable pillows and the little extras you threw in the package!!


2 thoughts on “In Meantime….Time to Share the Goodies

  1. Aw, hooray!!! I’m so glad you like the extras! 😀 Just a quick tip on the mortar mix, spray some Lysol on the surface when you close it up and it keeps it from growing mold…ask me why I know this. :S

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