Slogging Along

Special credit goes to Miss Brae O of otterine for the word “slogging”. According to the dictionary, it means “work hard over a period of time”. Or it could mean to “…hit forcefully and typically wildly, especially in boxing.”

After learning the meaning of that word (English is not my native language, believe it or not), realized that this word could really be applied to my real life and hobby. In regards to my minis, am definitely slogging over the CC and up until recently, the ARC. In terms of real life…well, let’s just say I wish I had the ability to slog at certain things to illustrate my frustrations/stress over my new job.

In honor of this lovely word, I am happy to announce that I’m slogging away on the CC. At least while I await for the arrival of ARC II (or as BK likes to call it “Archie”).

For starters, I spent late Saturday prepping and installing the floor. Yes, I specifically said “late Saturday” because I had to do this at 11 pm at night. Because BK and I had our niece/nephew over for the weekend, and I had to wait for the entire household to be fast asleep in order to work on the CC.

Again, the things one does with their obsessions.

Had these collecting dust in storage. Figured it was time for them to earn their keep....

Had these collecting dust in storage. Figured it was time for them to earn their keep….

For the CC, I decided to go away from my usual choice of dark flooring and go for something lighter. Since my last shopping run involved buying flooring of the former kind, I had to (quietly) rummage through my bins and find what I had. Was relieved to find these 3 sheets at the bottom of one of my bins. I must have done some work on them in the past and packed them away because a) the packages were tampered (i.e., someone removed the paper top and stapled it back after slipping the flooring back in the bag)  and  b)….the floors were already sanded and varnished. Most folks who’ve used this kind of flooring in the past know that these require work to finish them. So my only guess was that I prepped them awhile back, then returned them back to the bags for some future use.

So past me….your future/current (and apparently scatter-brained) me would like to give you a hug for making my life even easier tonight. For reals!

After doing a mental happy dance at this find, I quickly went back to work. I used my measuring tape and wrote down the dimensions for the floors in the CC….


Cutting the flooring down to size. Please ignore the pajama pants you see at the bottom.

…and cut them down to size. Guess this is the nice thing about working on the CC — the rooms are pretty shallow to begin with (about 6.25″ deep), so the cutting was straightforward.  Of course, the downside was that the floor dimensions were enough that I could only make one cut out per sheet. But the good news though is that there were enough leftover flooring for me to justify and saving them for later. Perhaps for the ARC II (am seriously considering doing new plans for it).

Once I got my pieces cut, I sanded the cut edges to smooth them down. Then I started applying the floors to the CC using Quick Grip. Once I put the flooring down, I ended up stacking atop the installed flooring some hardback books BK and I had just so I can weight the flooring down as the glue dried. Last thing I really wanted was for the floors to buckle and look uneven. Because that would just plain suck you know?

After the books were set up to clamp down the floors, I quickly washed up and tiptoed back to bed. Figured in the morning, I’ll check the floors and hope everything went according to plan.

A few hours later (I got into bed around 1 am…and got up around 7:40 am to the sounds of my niece yakking away on her cell phone), I shuffled my way downstairs and checked. No buckling on the floors – capital!

Inspecting the new floor. Tis' smooth like butter!

Inspecting the new floor. Tis’ smooth like butter!

Because the floors were already sanded and varnished, was pretty happy that I can now move to the next phase. And no, it ain’t the bricks. Still slogging on THAT component though (Brae, you are lucky if you are indeed approaching the end of the tunnel with what you’re currently working on….)



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