The CC: Movin’ On Up…

Well, the wallpaper that is. Sorry for the bad pun attempt (was using the opening line for the Jefferson’s theme)…

With the flooring done, and the furniture selected, it was time to put up the wallpaper. I will have to say, papering the walls is not my most favorite part in building the houses. Mostly because I always, ALWAYS, screw up something. Either I didn’t get enough paper, or cut the wrong size. Or worse, I smear paste on the right (visible) side and ruin it.

But one always has to hold on hope. At least in the case of the CC, hope that I don’t screw up cutting stuff for 3 walls for crying out loud.

Again, decided to deviate from the usual sources and try something different. In this case: I used decorative and Lokta paper.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lokta paper, it’s basically paper made from the fibers of the Lokta plant, which is abundant in Nepal (and part of the laurel tree family). The plant is harvested usually around October (and is cut in a way that the following year, it’s back to its full height) and are broken down to create the paper. The result is that you get a paper than can either be thick or thin, and has an interesting texture to it. Which really becomes more pronounced when dyed or stamp designs on it.

I had been curious about trying Lokta paper mostly because lately, alot of vendors like Paper Source and Paper Mojo are carrying Lokta papers with really pretty patterns. I had to shop around a bit, mostly because while you can get a 20″x30″ sheet (which is plenty generous to use for dollhouse wallpaper if you measure things correctly) rather cheaply, it’s the shipping charges that tends to kick my rear to the moon and back. 😦

Luckily, a couple of craft projects (ie, weddings and showers) popped up, and because I was helping with some of those logistics….I was able to justify paying the shipping charges. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if the online vendors thought I was doing a stockpile on papers or something. By the time the package arrived in the mail, the tube mailer that had the papers was crammed to the max.

For the CC, I ended up choosing the following.

The papers I used for the CC

The papers I used for the CC

The ones on the left and middle of the photo I purchased at a Paper Source store when BK and I were visiting Alexandria, VA for an errand.  The one on the right was one of the papers I ordered via They seemed a little bold at first glance…and I’m not gonna lie folks, I was nervous as all ^$@*# if I made the right call. The last thing I wanted to do was put up some tacky-ass wallpaper on what’s to be Dasha’s and Lena’s future home.

One way to find out I guess…

So with my ruler and pencil, I took notes of the measurements of each room, and started cutting out the needed shapes. I used my trusty canister of YES! paste and coated a thin layer on the CC’s walls, before applying the paper in place. Because I was using Lokta paper for each of the rooms, and Lokta paper didn’t have a smooth surface, I used a clean sponge brush to gently press the paper against the wall, and push out any air between the paper and the paste. The last thing I wanted to happen was have the wallpaper develop any air bubbles….and ruin the whole look entirely.

After an hour….it was done.

The finished walls.

The finished walls.

The bedroom

The bedroom


For the living room, because the couch is such an intense orange….though something with blue would help complement it. Maybe tamp down the intensity a bit….


I was most nervous about the kitchen because the yellow looked really intense. But when it was installed…it wasn’t too bad. Now I just need to figure out the backsplash for the kitchen to help break things up.

The sunny kitchen

The sunny kitchen


In case you’re wondering about the interior front panel of the CC – yes, I’m planning to paper it, but I might just a single neutral color that can work on all three rooms. Granted, I could have papered that side to match each of the rooms. But honestly, that’s just too much…and given I was using some really strong colors and patterns, I was afraid that might have been too much. Besides, I have these fabrics that I need to incorporate to complete the look of each of the rooms.

For the living room: was thinking for the curtains, maybe pillows...?

For the living room: was thinking for the curtains, maybe pillows…?

And of course, I need to make linens and curtains for the bedroom as well….


Again, stayed tuned. And let’s see if I can sew something without pricking my fingers and causing a mess on all the fabric…. 😦


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