After getting my morning dose of mini goodness from this year’s Undersized Urbanite contest (and signed up to get an update for the 2015 contest), it was enough to bring me back to the dining room and work on a couple of minis. But after an hour or so, I had to leave the stuff to dry (I’ll mention it in the next entry).

So I was back at my laptop — and got the next round best news of the day from 3StarStudioArts.

My ARC II has been officially shipped!

Soon….my redemption can begin. Oh man, can’t wait…

To clearly illustrate my level of happiness…I was close to doing this dude’s routine….(at 48:05).

Oh man…I can’t wait. At least we all know what I’ll be working on next weekend! And I got a couple of things I want to try out on ARC II….. 😀



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