Getting Ready for Some Weekend Madness

Prior to writing this entry, I sent out my last work-related email of the week and quickly shut down all my work applications. Before anyone from my office decides to contact me on some last minute item.

Dunno about you all, but am so happy it’s Memorial Day weekend. Mostly because it’s a three day weekend. Actually, it will be a four day holiday for me, since I needed to take Friday off to handle some personal things. But that’s besides the point. It’s still a holiday weekend — a holiday weekend of sleeping in (maybe), eating normally (maybe), spending time with BK and family….and just hunkering down and working on my minis.

And talk about perfect timing — because a bunch of packages came through the day courtesy of the local USPS dude (thanks Bill!).

For starters, my supply of craft blades and a new mitre box from Advantage Hobby. It takes some rooting around their site, but they sell refill blades and saws and other mini crafting tools on the cheap. And they ship quick too! I used to get these at my local Michaels, but I think this will be my defacto supplier of tools. Especially for the deburring blades (these are really useful for every mishap project I get into…).


My first (of many) orders from Advantage Hobby. Yeah, I went a little nuts….

Next was the product of an impluse bid on eBay. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with the Erna Meyer dolls. Unfortunately, my parents refused to get them for me because they were pricey. Granted, they still are expensive, but sometimes you might find one at a great price either on eBay, Etsy….sometimes at stores overseas (notably the UK). I found this little fella on eBay and was surprised that I won him with such a low bid.

My newest Erna Meyer doll in my growing cast....

My newest Erna Meyer doll in my growing cast….

The funny thing is, when I took a closer look at his face…


I realized he almost looks like Michael McDonald. You know, that bearded baritone crooner from 80s. The guy that gave us classics like “What a Fool Believes” and “I Keep Forgettin'”.  Never realized how many of his songs were songs I grew up hearing on the car radio.

Man, I grew up listening to his stuff…

Hysterical part was when BK saw the doll, he goes “Whoa! That looks like Michael McDonald!”. Suffice to say, we named the doll in honor of his namesake. Though I might refer to him as “Little Mac” for the time being.

After scoping (and giggling) over Lil Mac, my next package contained some jars of Tim Holtz’s Distress Crackle Paint. Apparently depending on how thick you apply this paint, it will dry and form cracks….figured I’ll try it out on some projects.

Next package contained….a bamboo lazy susan. You’re probably thinking “crazy blogger girl, what’s up with this?? What does this have to do with your minis???”

Eh wtf?

Eh wtf?

Well dear reader…the reason for this lazy susan is because….a certain package arrived…..

It's arrived...

omg, omg, omg…!!

…which I hope will provide me with some closure after what happened to the ARC. Yeap, that’s right folks — the ARC II has arrived. All thanks to the ever awesome Z and KP of 3StarStudioArts for shipping it so quickly to me.

He's here! The ARC II is here!!

He’s here! The ARC II is here!!

BK was a little peeved at the mess I made in the living room as I tore the package open. And proceeded to dry fit the parts before putting it on top of the lazy susan.

Welcome Archie. Boy, have I got some plans for you..!

Welcome Archie. Boy, have I got some plans for you..!

Along with the ARC II (aka “Archie”), Z and KP also provided me with the sides needed for me to assemble the bed. I purchased the matching  furniture kit when I bought the first ARC, and I told them that the side components that make up the bed were missing some parts. Imagine my surprise to see that they included those new sides for me to use! Thank you, thank you both so much for doing that!

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

But the best part of the package though? It was the little notes they wrote on the backs of the business cards. (yes, Janice is part of my first name…)


But this cracked my gourd. Looks like the ARC II came with additional coverage! KP and Z, I hope you guys didn’t have to sacrifice a chicken on the third moon or something. But I do appreciate the support!  😀


Seriously…I do appreciate the support, given that Lil Mac’s idea of guarding the ARC apparently involves my sharpest scissors.

Think this might be problematic....

Think this might be problematic….


Think Lil Mac should follow the footsteps of his namesake. You know, sitting in front of a piano, belting out tunes with that awesome baritone voice. All while wearing that shaggy hairstyle like a boss.


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