Things That Make You Go Hmm…

After the last post, I finally went to bed around 2 am. Only to be woken up by my 13-year old dog panting at my face because she needed her potty run. At 6:00 am. Also known in her puppy brain  as “Mommy, take me out NOW. Or I’ll crap on the bedroom carpet again like last time”. Given I’m still reeling from the carpet cleaning bill from that particular episode, I stood outside shivering in my robe and PJs until said canine did her business.

Once that was done (and she made a beeline back to the bedroom to sleep by her dad. Little brat), decided to just stay up and start my weekend. By checking out all the mini related posts from my usual haunts. One Twitter post from Modern Mini caught my eye.

IKEA PS 2014 Storage Cabinet (taken from the IKEA USA site)

How neat is this? Yeah, it’s actually an IKEA wall storage cabinet (actually it’s a component where you can assemble your own storage modules), but the bamboo surface kinda makes it look like an awesome wall texture for a mini scene right?? And for $34 – heck yeah! Can definitely see someone installing these on a wall and setting up displays that way! For some reason, I can see this being set up as a very chic lounge, or maybe a boutique shop….or one of those Pinkberry yogurt branches that apparently keeps popping up in my area (which is great and all. But I want a good old fashioned ice cream shop dammit! I need my dosage of mint chocolate chip on a waffle cone this summer!!!!)

Unfortunately, when I tried to check on its availability — according to the IKEA site, it says it’s out of stock. Which means either a) the stores are out of it or b) it’s brand new, the stores don’t carry it, and I have to order them online. Double darn it. Guess I’ll have to wait. 😦

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