Sunday Line Up

So much for sleeping in this Memorial Day weekend. BK reminded me when I got into bed that we have some company coming on Sunday morning (my parents) — and that I had promised to make breakfast! Guess it’s good I did a huge grocery run on Friday…guess my go-to cornmeal pancakes with strawberries will be on the menu. Along with some eggs and turkey sausages. Hopefully BK will brew a strong pot of coffee….this village idiot is going to need it. :\

Luckily the weather is decent enough that I can move breakfast outside on the patio….mostly because I spent last night cleaning the dining room/work station, and I’m too lazy to clear the minis out from it. Luckily Mom and Pops are so used to my “creative messes” — actually, my father worries when I’m not working on them.

Sorry, digressing again. Onward to the post.

Like I mentioned last night, I made the mistake of going straight to painting the front interior panels of the ARC II rather than putting a layer of gesso on them. So now the walls look uneven…which I’ll have to fix by sanding the surface, paint another layer, then sand it again once that layer dries. Granted, I’ll get a more even wall color by doing that. But it’s time consuming, and I think my laziness/impatience will get the best of me soon enough. The gesso does double duty as a sanding medium and paint primer — apply that, sand it smooth, and you can start painting (usually 1-2 layers will do the trick). And you’d be done.  Despite this slight setback, it shouldn’t be too bad. At least it’s just two relative small walls. And there isn’t as much surface area to sand thanks to the windows and door opening (woot!).

Sunday lineup o' tasks.

Sunday lineup o’ tasks.

You’ll also notice in the photo above that there’s some furniture pieces that I dry-fitted. These are part of the furniture kit I bought from 3StarStudio to go with the original ARC. I only wanted to use the following for the ARC II (and saved the rest for a future project), since I was planning to use some furniture pieces that I purchased earlier. Most haven’t been glued yet, since I have to decide on how to finish them. Have to say, because the pieces were laser cut…they all fit together like a dream. Or smooth as a thong hugging JLo’s famous butt.

(Yeah, that last statement was probably TMI. What can I say – I haven’t had my coffee yet.)

For the sitting area….I pulled out the bookcase and coffee table. The bookcase I actually went ahead and glued together….and realized that I installed the sides in the wrong direction <KP or Z, go ahead and send a virtual slap if you want. Apparently I didn’t look at the directions closely enough). These guys I might paint them with something very bright and cheery to go with the sitting room’s purple wallpaper.….


For the bedroom, because the area is relatively small, figured the only thing that would be there for furnishings are the bed and a side table….

For the bedroom.

For the bedroom.

For the bed, I’m seriously debating what to do as a finish. The bedroom wall has a bit of a mod feel to it (think it has to do with the wallpaper), so should I paint the bedframe? Or maybe stain it? Staining might look classier, but since the floor is already a dark walnut…that might be an overkill in wood tones.

So I’m going to throw this out there to my readers — what route should I take?


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