Uh-oh, Quick, Hide the Evidence!

Let’s hope that when this arrives, BK isn’t going to flip his gourd at me.

With the dining room looking like a disaster site as I continue to work on the ARC II and the CC…and the Lighthouse being next on the queue, I should be pretty busy. Especially with the fact that I now have to finish as many projects at my job as possible, before BK and I go on vacation in mid-June.

Oi, you’d think a rational person who think “yeah, this is plenty crazy.” But apparently not this village idiot of a blog writer. Because I put a bid on this and apparently won it as of last night.

My new addition to my obsession

My new addition to my obsession. Photo taken from eBay (from the seller’s listing page).

I don’t know much about this dollhouse, except that it’s a vintage Lundby dollhouse from the mid 1970s. I checked the I Love Lundby club, and it looks like this was the Stockholm (though apparently it was referred to as the “super” or “deluxe dollhouse”). It seemed like they introduced this around 1976, then afterwards, went back to the Gotenburg design that Lundby uses to this day. Then they brought back the Stockholm, but used the modern design (it looks more like those modern lofts you’d see in Miami or the West Coast or something).

I had been curious about this design since it looks pretty roomy in comparison to the current versions. Plus, seeing that there were a couple on eBay that had a low starting price, I just put the minimum bid. Frankly, I thought I’d get outbid at the last second, so I wasn’t going to cry tears if I didn’t win it. Of course, my phone gave its signature chirp last night (whenever I got an update on eBay)…and this was officially mine.

Am pretty excited (I’ve gotten fond of the Lundby/Barton/Lisa of Denmark pieces during my shopping for the ARC II), but again…not sure how BK is going to respond when this shows up. Plus, it looks like I’ll be doing alot of research on how to properly restore/renovate this house….

Wish me luck folks when this package arrives. 😛


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