ARC II: The Front Yard

If you looked at my last post, and took note of the last photo…you might have noticed some green space peeking out from the first floor door and windows. I kinda made a mistake on Saturday and forgot to take a photo of the interior shot. So instead, I reshot the photo on Sunday morning….after I worked on its front yard. >_<

If you remembered on this post, the only thing I had done for the ARC II’s front yard was installation of the stones.

Remember this?

Remember this?

I really didn’t know what to put in this area at first. All I knew was that I had to do something to make it less “blah” and more “oh!”. Huh, did that make any sense at all.

Sorry, digressing here.

After the stones were initially installed,  I did a random trip to my local Michaels and found these in their outside clearance bin.


I know these are meant for dioramas and whatever model settings your little Billy or Susie would need to make for a school project (at least that’s my guess as to why these are sold at Michaels). But figured since the ARC II isn’t 1:12 scale….maybe these might work. So I bought on clearance two packs of the “grass” (which looks like green grounded seaweed powder or tea if you ask me), some bags of the gravel…

…and this. The package calls it “scenic spray”. To me, I’m guessing this is glue mixed with water in a spray bottle. Sorry, I was initially skeptical about this. But then again, I won’t complain since I ended up getting this for $2 on clearance (vs the $5 retail price tag).


The instructions for these items appear to be straight foward enough. You use the scenic spray to sprtiz the area where you want to apply coverage. It sounds like the key is to make sure the area you spritz is wet with the the solution, because you then sprinkle your coverage (either the grass or gravel) over the wet spots and let it set. Once it dries, you then spritz the area to seal/tamp  down the coverage.

So with those sealed in my brain (aka, BK reading the instructions to me as I went along), I got started to work.

I didn’t take pics of the process — mostly because I realized that unless you have steady hands, this can get messy. And because I definitely DON’T have steady hands…it did indeed get messy.

I started off by taping the walls, door, and window entries. I didn’t want the glue spray to get onto the ARC’s exterior walls. Then I sprized the areas in between the stones, one small section at a time. Once I could see a thin puddle of glue forming, I took a cotton swab and wiped off the glue off the stones. Then with a small plastic teaspoon, I sprinkled the gravel. I had to use another cotton swab to push the gravel off the stones and into the crevices in between.

I’m not going to lie — you really need to be patient with this. I had tiny gravel going everywhere, and I had to eventually move this outside on the patio to work on. Just so I can take a broom and sweep whatever fell on the floor when I was done. Eventually, I managed to fill the gaps in the way I wanted.


Luckily, when it came to install the “grass” that was much easier. Again, you spritz the area you want with the glue spray, then sprinkle the packet of “grass” and light tamp it down with your hand. Once you’re done, you sprtiz the top of the grass with more of the glue spray to seal it (or more accurately, prevent the stuff from falling off). It was messy, but at least you have better control of where the stuff will fall from the packet. The minute the green stuff made contact with the glue – it stayed put.

After an hour, the yard was finished. I took photos of how the yard looks from the front door and the triple windows (where the kitchen would be). Looks pretty nice! Though next time, I think I might try making my own spray solution. The stuff I bought worked well enough….but I think I’ll try diluted tacky glue next.


View of the yard from the front door/living room area.


View from the kitchen area.

View from the kitchen area.

With the path and grass now completed, I wanted to put some extras on the yard. And found these in my storage.


I bought these from (in their landscaping category) sometime last year. I very rarely get a chance to do any kind of landscaping for my dollhouses, and these looked pretty adorable in the site’s photos. Figured why not — I’ll eventually find some use for them. And finding use for them I did!

Testing spots.

Testing spots.

Since I have 4 bushes to work with it, I wanted to first figure out where to put them. I won’t glue them down yet — I still have to work on the ARC II’s exterior finish before these can be glued permanently. But again, so far, not bad at all!


4 thoughts on “ARC II: The Front Yard

  1. Really awesome landscaping! I love the geometric bushes with the rest of the feel of the building.

    (Oh, and FYI, per your request in another post, I do have a blog post in the works for the dollhouse LED lighting…I have just been very busy with school and work, but I will try to get it up soon. If you need a how-to sooner than that I can try to get something to you.)

    • That’s awesome news – thank you for the update! No rush in the post, as I totally hear you about work (and life in general) pulling us all over the place! :\
      Though now it’s nice to have something to look forward to reading. 🙂

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