Some (Late) Weekend Goodies

I meant to post this during the weekend, between this entry and this entry. Think my scatterbrain-ness (is that a word?) is indicative of I need a vacation.

But with the ARC II getting close to completion…figured I should provide a follow-up with what happened to the furniture pieces I mentioned in a previous post (the Sunday Line Up).

For those of you who don’t remember, I had these pieces that needed finishing. These were part of a furniture kit set that I bought alongside the first ARC. I saved the other pieces for future projects, but I wanted to use these guys for the ARC II.

SundayTask-3On Monday (and a bit of this evening), I finished them!

The coffee and nightstand.

The coffee and nightstand.

The coffee table and nightstand I went for a simple route. I stained the legs using Rustoleum’s Touch Up Markers. I found them on clearance at the local Michaels store, and decided to try them out. I used the walnut stain, which showed beautifully showed the grain of the baltic birch plywood. For the table tops, I covered the laser-cut edges with painter’s tape and painted the top with FolkArt Titanium White craft acrylic paint. I had to sand it again, before repainting the top once more.  Once that dried, I peeled the tape (to expose the edge), and glued the pieces together. Then for extra sheen, rubbed some of the beeswax wood polish I bought from Etsy.

The bed for the ARC II.

The bed for the ARC II.

When it came to the bed, I did ask you guys if I should go for a more traditional finish or maybe go quirky. The results (both from the poll I posted and from verbal responses) were actually stalemate. I ended up having my niece break that tie when she spent the weekend at my house, helping me clean up my work room. And she came across a tube of this very neon, bright turquoise-like color acrylic paint in one of my discarded boxes. Not sure why, but thought I should give it a try. And looking at the photo now, am pretty glad I went this route! I painted the pieces with this color, sanded them, and glued them together before doing a final coat and varnish. As for the mattress — I just cut a piece of cellfoam to size. Kinda feel bad for whoever will sleep on this — sleeping on that might be the equivalent on snoozing on a morgue slab or something. 😦

Of course, I saved the best for last.

The bookcase.

The bookcase.

In my excitement of assembling the bookcase, I went ahead and glued it all together before I could even sand the pieces (let alone read the directions. So again, sorry KP and Z for screwing that up!). With that ship sailed, I just decided to use the wood stain marker I used on the table legs and make the bookcase have that same finish. And it appeared to have worked out.

Because the bookcase was very dark, decided to balance it out with some very bright accessories. In this case, I made the “books” by cutting up blocks of wood from various sized wood strips. I sanded them down, and painted the edges white to denote pages. Then, I randomly selected patterns from my stash of origami paper, cut them into strips, and glued them on the blocks to look like covers. Basically the same exact “books” I did in an entry way back then.

As for the accessories, the vase on the lower and top shelf were purchase from Manor House Miniatures. The turquoise Buddha head statue and the shell on a stand (on the top shelf as well) were purchased from Cyd’s Etsy shop Mod Pod Miniatures. The green Buddha statue was another purchase from Manor House Miniatures (definitely worth signing up for email updates for this shop. Every Sunday, they send out a list of what’s on sale for that week. Tend to score some good finds that way).

Was pretty excited at how these turned out, so I decided to test them out on the ARC II. At least on the side of the ARC II where the living room and bedroom will be situated.


View of the living room and bedroom on the ARC II.

View of the living room and bedroom on the ARC II.


Close up of the living room.

Close up of the living room.

In the above photo, I had the bookcase flanked with a pair of Petite Princess chairs. One of them I mentioned in an earlier entry. The other chair was another eBay winning bid (I couldn’t pass up the starting price). The pillows were part of a set of 4 that were also an eBay purchase. The plants on the table were purchased from SueBees’s Miniatures. Sue (the store owner) typically lists vintage 1:24, and 1:16 scale pieces. But she recently started to sell some adorable plants. Think I might get more later.


As for the bedroom, I used a 1:12 scale knitted baby blanket as bedding. The green and multicolored pillow was purchased from Miniatures from Avalon, while the blue/white pillows were part of the same set as the pillows used in the sitting room. The tall plant also came from SueBees’s Miniatures.

Am really happy how this is turning out. And once I finish the exterior, I can finally do something that I’m looking forward to share with you all — having the ARC fully furnished. Stayed tuned!





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