Really Need to Curb My Insomnia

You probably know of someone who ended up buying something very ridiculous in the middle of the night. Perhaps it was due to insomnia, or maybe they had to pull an all nighter. Either way, it seems that loss of sleep always leads to receiving a package at the doorway and going “I ordered WHAT?”

Apparently I need to add myself to that growing list of folks. The last two nights have been pretty crazy with last minute projects that needed to be done before the end of the week. So instead of being in bed at a normal time…apparently I’ve joined a program where sleep is a nonexistent concept.

I guess in between emails, coding, and reviewing one inane document after another, I did a random search on more Lundby items….and realized I got an email confirming that I’ve purchased this.

Lundby Stockholm dollhouse. Photo from

Lundby Stockholm dollhouse. Photo from

While my miniature obsessed side is clapping her hands in joy (a vintage and modern Stockholm dollhouse under one roof? Capital!), the sleep-deprived, supposedly mature self immediately though “okay, how am I gonna explain this to BK?”.

Before I could gather my wits together, I found more emails for order confirmations for more Lundby stuff. To put in said Stockholm dollhouse.

Good lord, I need to get some sleep. And probably change my PayPal passwords and hide my Visa card before it gets out of control…..


4 thoughts on “Really Need to Curb My Insomnia

  1. LOL! I love this! Those instant purchases that make us wonder what exactly were we thinking??!! I cannot wait to see the house when you receive it. I’ve seen a few items in the collection (the bathroom set is gorgeous!) Now get some sleep 🙂

  2. Suggest to BK that you sleepwalk and have no control over the things you get up to ;0) That’s the line I’d be going for

    • I’m going to keep that line in mind Pepper — think that might be super handy when the influx of stuff for the Lundby Stockholm starts pouring through our front door….

      At the moment, BK stupefied me by saying “well…your birthday is coming around the corner. A present for yourself right?”

      Silly me responded by laughing nervously and going “uh…yeah! Yeah, that’s right!”

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