Anyone Looking for Some Brinca Dada Furniture?

Now that I’ve accepted the fact that I have two Lundby Stockholm dollhouses soon to live under one roof, it was time to do yet another round of inventory in my bins o’ crap. Mostly to see if I have anything that I need to give up or sell to make room for the soon to arrive packages.

After going through everything (BK decided to amuse himself by parking nearby and watching the drama unravel before him), I decided to give these guys up.

But before I put these guys up on eBay….anyone in need of Brinca Dada furniture? I got these on eBay probably about a year ago.  I have the kitchen, office, bath and bedroom set.

BrincaDada-Kitchen01BrincaDada-Kitchen03BrincaDada-Office01BrincaDada-Office03BrincaDada-Bath01BrincaDada-Bath04While the boxes are banged up from being in storage (and surviving a move), the pieces are in great condition. I’ve mostly kept them in the boxes, and sometimes pulled them out just to make sure they’re still in one piece.

The only exception though, was the bedroom. I got this set also on eBay…but got it in a cheap price because the bed was broken. I glued it together because it was a relatively easy fix. But figured I should disclose that fact first.


Where the break occurred (shown in circled area).

Where the break occurred (shown in circled area).

If anyone’s interested, just let me know in the Comments area. Otherwise, I’ll post it on eBay over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Anyone Looking for Some Brinca Dada Furniture?

    • Hi Selina,

      Thanks for the post. Am so sorry, I sold the sets earlier this week and have shipped them out as of this morning. Was going to update the post to indicate that they’ve been sold. So sorry about that!

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