I’ll write a post soon. I promise. Alot of things are happening in my life that I need to process properly at the moment.

In the meantime though….I found this on Vimeo. Dawn Reese, the focus of this video, think summed up why I do this hobby. It’s funny how my love of miniatures from my school years carried through my life. Especially in the end, how it’s almost a therapy of sorts.

Which is what I’m going to need really soon. Will let you know once I’m ready….

Who Lives There from Art+Practice on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. Wow! I agree! This video sums so many of the reasons that miniatures are wonderful in a lovely, soothing and patient voice. Also – its truly profound. I think that making and sharing our own little ‘worlds’ is mind-blowing. And really, really fun. 🙂

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