A Lovely Ending for the ARC II – I Think…

After finishing the ARC II, I had originally planned to have it on display in my dining room. Granted, that probably sounded odd for most folks. But since it’s much smaller than my other kits — thought it would be a cute centerpiece. Plus, my dining room is an actual vintage mid-century set…so it seemed even moreappropriate. An even bigger plus was that I can play with it while eating dinner. Because you know….just in case I don’t feel like eating the vegetables on my plate. 🙂

So the ARC II has been sitting proudly in my dining room since July…till about a few weeks ago. My family decided to stop by the house to say hello. Well, that’s what they claim. But BK and I know it’s mostly to pile on our laps (and fridge) lots of food. Don’t get me wrong folks — I do love to eat. But if my parents keep coming by bringing me my favorite Korean take outs and rice cakes….I’m not going to fit in my pants at all.

Once my family got in (and we all proceeded to nosh on the goodies), I noticed my mother was looking at the ARC II with utter fascination. Which proceeded to her gently spinning it around on its turntable to look at the furnishings. Which then lead to her actually playing with the house.

That’s right folks — my 61 year old mother was playing with a dollhouse. I know she encouraged my obsession hobby and all, but this was seriously the first time I’ve seen her actually interact with my minis. My older sister and I watched as she took the furnishings out, then rearranged them. It was pretty amusing since I’ve never seen her look so focused. I actually felt bad when my family was getting ready to go, Mom had the most wistful expression when she took a final glance at the ARC II before she kissed BK and I goodbye.

Apparently BK noticed it too, because the minute my family left, we had the following conversation.

BK: You saw that too huh?

Me: Yup.

BK: Mom really loves that house huh?

Me: Yup.

BK: ….you okay giving Mom the ARC–?

(BK blinking as he watches his crazy wife assemble a moving box and proceeds to wrap the ARC and its contents in tissue paper)

Me: (hauling the box) Put on your coat and shoes babe. We’re making a delivery.

BK: But your parents just left a few minutes ago!

Me: Yeah I know. I’m gonna drive it home and give it to Mom.

BK: You’re willing to sit through traffic? You’re absolutely nuts hun!

Me: You know I’m absolute crackpot babe. In fact, what did my father tell you when you asked his permission to marry me?

BK: (rather sullenly) ….No returns.

Me: Exactly. We warned you, I warned your repeatedly that you’re marrying an occasional idiot with an expensive habit. And you still went through with it. Who’s fault is that?

In the end, we made a compromise. I agreed to BK’s suggestion to call my parents to see where they were. Luckily, they made a pit stop at a gas station not far from the house. BK made the pretense that they forgot something at the house and asked if they wanted to come back or we hand it over to them on our next visit. My mother answered the cell so she was pretty happy to turn around. Which was perfect, because when we opened the door, BK and I put on the biggest grins on our faces and handed Mom the box containing the ARC. Suffice to say, Mom was totally surprised — and was happily asking my sister about getting a side table at IKEA.

A few days later, my mother posted the following on her Facebook page.  I almost cracked up (Mom’s very active on her FB pages…way more than her daughters and granddaughter). I couldn’t decide what made me laugh/smile some more — the finished decorations, or photos of my own Mom eagerly decorating the ARC.

My mother's ARC dollhouse.

My mother’s ARC dollhouse.

My sister did get her a side table at IKEA, and Mom set up the ARC II in their sun room. Talk about a perfect spot — it’s my Mom’s favorite room in the house because of all the plants my father cultivates. Plus, the ARC II is set next to my parents’ fish tank. “Waterfront property” as my mother pointed out. She said the dolls now have a nice view of the fish when they’re all on the roof.  My poor Dad just laughed and rolled his eyes.

Looks like I might have a convert in my hands . Or an excuse to get more Lundby stuff. <insert maniacal laughter here>

While I’m happy that Mom’s enjoying her new toy….my dining room does look a little empty without its centerpiece. And I did have a good time building/decorating the ARC…and it’s just happened that I won another TOMY kitchen set….like the one I used in ARC II…..

….so Monsieur Z and Mme. KP….this is a friendly reminder that you might be getting an order soon…..


3 thoughts on “A Lovely Ending for the ARC II – I Think…

      • Hello Mme. KP – glad you liked the post! Well, the ending got happier since it turned out my husband bought another ARC kit from you as my Christmas present. So once we come back from our trip…ARC III will be underway! 😀

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