Heck Yeah I Want These Houses!

So this weekend, BK and I had the lovely honor of having our niece stay at our place. The gameplan was to take her to our local DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) so she can get her learner’s permit. Only to find out at the counter that her paperwork has to be filled out by her parent or legal guardian (in this case, my parents). Talk about a downer! My niece and I spent the week getting her prepped to take the exam. 😦

So as a compromise, BK and I took her out to lunch (both uncle and niece were raving about pad thai…I was honestly getting sick of hearing it). Then went home so she could help BK clean our pet rats’ cages. At least she earned $60 from us — and BK and I were free to do other things. Like surfing online. Which in turn led me to find this article on BuzzFeed.

41 Dollhouses That Will Make Wish You Were A Tiny Doll

Thought it was interesting to see this, given that most of the settings had a more modern feel to it. Even more amusing was that I recognized where the photos came from. But I had my way, I’d be adding more houses to this article’s list. Because let’s face it — there are some pretty darn awesome houses that folks made and posted online. And they still make me drool each time I look at them. Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Heck Yeah I Want These Houses!

  1. I am intrigued by the ARC mini house. I saw that Call Small has done great things with it, and now I see your terrific house, I mean your mother’s house. You really did a fantastic job with it. If I didn’t have so many (many, many) unfinished houses and projects, I would be very tempted to get one. (I love your blog!)

    Best, Neen

    • Sorry for the late reply Neen — but thank you for the comment! Yes, the ARC mini house was a lot of fun to build. I’m hoping to get another one after the holidays since I’m starting to miss having it at home. Plus my dining room looks kinda bare without it. But at least my mother’s happy with hers. 😀

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