Achievement Unlocked!

After displaying my slightly embarassing pics of the packages I’ve received over the holidays….I did try to be constructive with the loot I’ve received. Mostly to keep track of what I have in order to work on my first build of the new year….which I’m pretty excited to do.

Yes, I still have the CC. Seriously, the whole egg carton into bricks is making me cringe. I’m still working on Dasha and Lena’s home, so please don’t yell at me. I haven’t forgotten it. But BK got me something over the holidays that’s making me dance in pure excitement.

Hah! I wish!

So most of you know that after building the ARC II, I ended up giving it to my mother to enjoy. And despite that generous gesture….I was missing that house. My dining room felt empty without it. I guess BK picked up on my mood because on Christmas Day, he actually got me another ARC dollhouse kit from the ever talented team at 3StarStudios. My in-laws were definitely surprised at my reaction given I almost tackled my husband to the ground and gave him numerous hugs & kisses.

The ARC Dollhouse. Image used with permission by 3 Star Studio.

The ARC Dollhouse.
Image used with permission by 3 Star Studio.

Of course, the challenge was that I had to wait until BK and I returned home to do any work on the (yeah, I know not imaginative) ARC III. But in the meantime….I went online and began to order my supplies. Which all arrived (luckily) a week after I’ve opened the packages that were held during our absence.

So now I’m ready…so ready to get to work! I have a plan…and I want to see if I can make it a reality!

Oh sweet mother, I hope it doesn’t come to this!


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