ARC III: In the Meantime

In pure fashion, after the last post, I only slept for about 5 hours before getting up to do some final errands. Mostly to get supplies for the Super Bowl madness that will descend on probably most households here in the U.S. Luckily, BK’s good friend BC is hosting in his new condo, so it was just a matter of whipping up some special requests by BC and BK. Like cookies and dips. That I can do!

Plus, I wanted to get the store the minute they opened. For some reason, the local grocery store near me hits crazy mode every Sunday around 9 am. And when I mean crazy mode, I mean meltdowns because why oh why is a certain product out? Or so far, my favorite of them all – some crazy girl getting pissy because I got the last of the lowfat milk. And tried to take the gallon from my cart. Granted, I might have considered if she had asked me nicely. But she didn’t (alas).

Yeah, not happening if you want a smackdown.

After the errands, I did a quick check on the ARC III. So far everything’s drying nicely from last night’s work. I did another spray of Lysol on the bricks just to absolutely make sure the surface’s completely disinfected. If you’re wondering why, it’s mostly to make sure that the wood doesn’t start to get moldly once I start applying the wet mortar. Which will more than likely be applied tonight after BK and I are back from the SuperBowl gathering.

In the meantime…I wanted to do something else. And that something else….came in the form of this.

Everyone, meet Cilla.

Everyone, meet Cilla.

Granted, this is usually subject to debate amongst miniaturists, but I do like having my setting inhabited. Be it my growing collection of dolls, or something else….figures provide a sense of scale. At least that’s my take on the topic.  Plus, I’ve been intrigued with this figure ever since I came across it on the website – where I found artisans who are making miniatures using 3D printing. Especially modern miniatures. 😀

So while exploring the site, I came across Mr_Props’ shop in Shapeways. There’s only a few details he provided (am guessing it’s a he — so the owner of this shop, if you see this, please correct me if I got your info wrong. Thanks) short of he’s an animation/proprs/background designer. Whatever prompted him to sell his designs….I have to say I was very intrigued with his figures. Especially since it looks like he has figures from 1:24 up to 1:12 scale (score!) and they’re fully posable (double score!)

Chillaxing. Sorry for the flash.

Chillaxing. Sorry for the flash.

Given I needed 1:16 scale figures for ARC III, I ordered the U-Woman and U-Man kits from Mr_Props’ shop in early January. Because they were going to arrive to me in kit form, the shop had links to PDFs providing instructions on how to assemble the dolls. So until they arrived, I took the time to read and familiarize myself with the instructions.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of Cilla’s construction…but I did pull out my smartphone to take some shots of assembling the U-Man kit (aka “Rowen”). The instructions said that if I wanted the figures to be a different color…it’s best to do the painting at this point. But we all know how lazy and impatient I can get…so I opted not to. Am hoping the shop will eventually offer these figures printed in different color tones.

Along with the tools in the photo, I used some galvanized wire, tack cloth, and a surgical mask. The latter mostly because since this was made using a 3-D printer, the instructions warned that there might some loose printing powder that needs to be removed. And frankly, I don’t exactly want to inhale that during assembly.

U-Man (Rowen) in sprue mode. And my tools of choice.

U-Man (Rowen) in sprue mode. And my tools of choice.

After wiping the parts with a tack cloth to remove any loose dust, I started cutting out the parts. To help me keep track of which part goes with what, I removed the parts from one column, prep, and assemble them before moving to the next column of parts. So if you look at the photo below….there are 5 columns of parts. And I started by removing the column from the far right.

Close up of freeing the leg parts from the sprue.

Close up of freeing the leg parts from the sprue.

Using the craft knife (I used a new blade when assembling Cilla, then a new one for assembling Rowen), I cut out the parts and removed anything that wasn’t part of the body’s elements. I used a piece of wire to scrape any powder residue inside the cavities, while the ball joint parts I did either a light sand or scape to make sure they were as smooth as possible. You’d be amaze how much loose printer powder came out of these small parts alone.

The right leg parts seperated and cleaned.

The right leg parts seperated and cleaned.

Once the parts were prepped, it was a matter of putting them together. The instructions said that you just need to gently press the items together until you hear them click in place. I’m gonna stress the word “gently” given how tiny and fragile looking these guys are. But whoever Mr. Props is….his designs work perfectly. So long as you clear out as much of the loose powder and keep the joint areas smooth and powderless….they will slide into place.

Rowen's right foot. It bends!

Rowen’s right foot. It bends!

Given my experience assembling Cilla prior to this (I was cursing up a storm in true fashion), Rowen’s assembly moved much quicker.

Tadah! His right leg is assembled and ready to go!

Tadah! His right leg is assembled and ready to go!

Actually I moved MUCH QUICKER than expected…because everything clicked into place without much sanding/adjusting. So I wasn’t able to take pics quickly enough. But I did however, take a shot of the finished product. And boy does he look awesome!

Behold Rowen, Cilla's boyfriend.

Behold Rowen, Cilla’s boyfriend.

Oh man, I’ll be so happy when I finish applying the mortar on the brick walls….from there, construction should be smooth sailing. (Crosses fingers) But at least now, I have two residents ready for their new home!


One thought on “ARC III: In the Meantime

  1. Wow! LOVE these figures!! What a great find. Thanks for this tip. They are super updated ‘dolls’. I can’t wait to see them get decked out and put in their new spaces!!

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