Sharing the Wealth

There are many (as in many^infinity) things I love about the miniature hobby. Among them are how fellow miniature bloggers are willing to “share the wealth”.  Not just tutorials, but also a chance to show their loot to the admiration and cheers of those who follow their blogs. For this entry, it’s gonna be one of those “share the wealth” posts. But also a warm shout out of appreciation to one of my favorite online mini shops.

Ever since I bought the ARC, the ever talented folks at 3StarStudio have been awesome. Not only have Monsieur Z, Mme KP, and Mlle. Luna generate awesome dollhouses (I will get you soon Reversible Dollhouse!), but they’ve been so helpful. Especially after some douchebag took my ARC I during a party at my house. They were responsive and have to say, included the funniest notes when they shipped the ARC II to me to resume my project. Just the fact they’re so proud of their work and are willing to share their love for miniatures. I dunno, just find that to be awesome.

Of course, the minute BK got me the ARC III as a Christmas gift, I rushed to the 3StarStudio shop to purchase a few things for said house. When I told them that BK bought the kit from them, they threw out a suggestion for me to try on the ARC. I was totally game with it, so they told me they’ll add it along to my order.

When the package arrived (as it was amongst the pile of loot I picked up from the post office), not only did I received what I purchased below:

The BUTTERFLY Furniture Set in 1:12 scale – Baltic Birch Plywood
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

But also this:

The Butterfly Dollhouse Furniture Set: Solid Walnut
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

Mme KP and Monsieur Z offered for me to try out the above set on the ARC III. From their experience (am guessing seeing Mlle. Luna play with them), even though this set is 1/24 scale, it apparently works very well on on the ARC’s 1:16 scale setting. I was seriously stunned that they gave this to me to play with. The set is seriously adorable — and it doesn’t hurt that the walnut wood used looks amazing when waxed and polished.

Suffice to say, I assembled the chairs, a table, and two of the smaller tables for Cilla to enjoy. And they were right — it looks great! I mean, you all know I go absolutely ga-ga over anything mid-century when it comes to miniatures!

Cilla modeling some pieces from the Butterfly Walnut Furniture set.
Set created by 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. Plants were purchased from SueBees Miniatures on eBay. Cilla is a U-Woman figure kit from Mr. Props shop on

For the ARC III, am definitely going to use the chairs, one of the big tables, two of the side tables and one of the credenzas/sideboards. For the rest of the pieces – they are going to be showcased in my next project after the ARC III.  Let’s just say I found a couple of things that prompted me to delve into the 1/24 scale….

JJ’s Dollhouse Cottage in 1/24 Scale
From the Real Good Toys website. All Rights Reserved.

If the walnut furniture set wasn’t enough, Monsieur Z and Mme KP included the following in my package too.

Everyone, meet Copeland

Everyone, meet Copeland


I’m not sure where this piece was acquired, but it’s definitely made by an artisan based on the signature and number underneath the body/case. But it’s definitely a beautiful piece. Granted, when I got it in the mail, one of its legs and the part where the foot pedals are located was broken off. And the hinges holding the top part of the piano was loose. But still…I fell in love with it.

Monsieur Z and Mme KP included a note with this piano (whom I’ve named Copeland. Don’t ask me why, but the name came to mind) saying that Mlle Luna wasn’t ready to handle delicate pieces like this one. And that if I didn’t have a space for this piece, that I’m to pass it forward.

Oh don’t you worry you guys. Copeland’s found a home here with me. See? I even managed to fix it. All thanks to some tacky glue, a few clamps, and make shift riggings using rubber bands. Just have to hunt for a piano bench.

I was initially thinking BK’s 1:12 counterpart Bryan would be commandering this instrument (as BK actually plays the piano. Though he hasn’t been keeping up in playing some pieces for me after dinner *cough, cough*). But my gut’s telling me someone amongst my miniature dolls wants dibs on Copeland….


4 thoughts on “Sharing the Wealth

  1. Congrats on you purchase and gift! They are so pretty especially with the finish. Everytime you mention someone taking the ARC, I get furious. The nerve! Anyway you have such a happy ending and I am glad about that. 🙂

  2. BTW – I think we’re sending you a valentine this year, b/c you are a sweetheart. Sharing the wealth, what a perfect sentiment. Mmmmmm, that’s my heart getting all warm and gooey from all the love. xoxoxoxox

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