Almost There….Can…Almost…Taste It!

As promised, I did apply the mortar on the brick walls once BK and I got back from the SuperBowl party. Which was good, given that I was kinda bummed at the commercials aired during the game. Yeah, I did watch the game (I did pledge Allegiance to the Patriots. Only because BK and his family are from New England. Cuz I’m a dutiful daughter-in-law and stuff). But was really focused on noshing on the awesome spread our friend prepared (lord, I’m still salivating over the pulled BBQ chicken. That was just….glorious).

And in true form…I didn’t take pictures of the process. At all. Talk about a facepalm moment. <sigh>

But hopefully, this might be an acceptable compromise to those who read this anemic blog.

ARC III Wall Previw 1


ARC III Wall Preview 2

That’s right folks — the side walls are done! And I even got ambitious enough to put the walls together…and paint the exterior..and install trim….

If I can work on the roof and a few more structural tasks….maybe I might be able to move in Rowen & Cilla into their new home! <crosses fingers>

Stay tuned!


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