Meanwhile…Weird Nostalgia

I’m not going to lie to you folks. Being stuck in bed sick…actually sucks.

BK was right in guesstimating that I have some kind of flu bug. Getting the tell-tale aches and pains, the fever and chills. It totally, utterly, completely sucks. While I initially enjoyed sleeping in a bit (versus getting up at 5 am every day to get ready for work)…it got old fast. Luckily, BK put a pile of books on my nightstand, some bottles of water to go with medication, a sleeve of crackers….and my laptop before he left for work. Talk about best nurse ever.

That was until he sent me a message from the office. Well, more like a directive.


Hope you’ll feel better soon. Take your meds, stay hydrated, and munch on the crackers if you’re slightly hungry. You need to eat.

Also, I want you to stay in bed and rest. You can go downstairs to watch some TV or make your ramen if you want. But no working on the minis.  I know, I’m a stinker for saying that. Just want you to rest.

My brain did do a mental pout, but BK was right. The aches and pains will make it a little hard for me focus on the minis. Especially the next project now that the ARC III is done (still doing decorations, but the main work is officially done).

Then again, not sure if the flu’s making me somewhat loopy, but…I kinda found myself thinking back to my past. Bear with me though – it does end up being connected to the new project.

About 8 years ago, I had been dating a guy for almost 3 years. We moved in together, practically ran a household together….I seriously thought, in my (retrospect) naive self, this was the guy I was gonna end up marrying. He was nice, smart, and definitely hit my wish list at the time of what I found physically attractive in a dude (tall, dark, and handsome). But just as I thought things were going in that direction….he suddenly announced over dinner that he and I needed to live separately. Suffice to say, things went extremely downhill after that. I later found out he was seeing someone behind my back….that he referred to me as just a “female roommate that’s moving out”. And later on, after I finally had the strength to confront him, admitted that he just didn’t see me attractive anymore. It literally felt like the world exploded, then got sucked back in to the point it imploded.

When I finally moved out, I stayed at my sister’s place. In my haze of trying to keep myself together at all costs, I made the crazy choice of buying a place – a tiny studio apartment in the relatively expensive area of North Bethesda, MD. My friends I could tell were shocked at the decision, but they supported me, and in their way, tried to keep me busy by visiting me. I threw myself — and my savings — to renovating the studio while I worked longer hours at the office. I guess in a way, I wanted to focus on something else other than trying to fix the hurt.

It wasn’t until my best friend MC came over one night, and (ever being the movie nut), commented that “you’re doing exactly what Frances did in that movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.”

I actually have that movie, as it was one of my favorites flicks to watch. So we pulled it out, and watched. And by the time the credits rolled, I was sobbing uncontrollably. At that point, I knew I couldn’t hide from it anymore. And that I needed to move on.

In a weird sort of way, things started to perk up after that movie. I started to sleep in my new place, and actually rested fitfully. I started thinking less of my ex (and was actually distant when I returned the last of his items). My studio became more and more like the home I wanted to return to after work. I continued making improvements of the studio. Though it was my uncles who helped me, not “…the muscular descendants of Roman gods.” Ah well.

And after allowing myself to lose a bet, my friends pushed me to try meeting someone online….and I met BK. Soon, what started as a nervous Friday night dinner turned to a July 4th holiday weekend together…to him and I practically taking turns staying at each other’s studio apartment. Until he suggested two years later that perhaps we should get a place together. At this point, he was practically living with me in my tiny retreat…and we needed more space for ourselves and for our pet rats.

I did end up selling my studio…and we were both teary eyed about it. Think for the both of us, the place helped BK and I meet and cement our relationship. It gave us a place to help me mend and become the person I turned out to be. And for BK, who moved from his home state to DC for work…it gave him a chance to establish roots.  In weird sort of way, it was just like indeed like the movie. The place helped us find the happiness we were looking for, but in unexpected ways.

Then it hit me…maybe for the new project, I should build a such a retreat. Not an Italian villa (they’re not really to my taste actually)…but perhaps a cozy cottage where a recently single, brokenhearted soul is trying to start fresh.

For starters….it’s definitely going to be a different scale. Half scale (1/24) that is. And am using this as my base.

JJ’s Cottage from Real Good Toys.
All rights reserved.

Instead of using the base and foundation sides, I might see about getting an MDF base cut out. If you look at the image above, the parts create what looks like could be either a front porch — or a somewhat narrow base at the front of the house. Not sure if I’m feeling that though. Maybe it was from the landscape work at the ARC III, but I want more space at the front to set up a garden. With a patio, bushes….maybe flowers….and definitely a tree or two.

I started to search around for images to help me flesh out features. Then I recalled BK discovering this website called when he was searching for historical homes for sale. The listings here are amazing — definitely worth checking out if you need some ideas. Or dream.

And from this site…I saw this house and knew this was going to be my muse.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods  Photo from All rights reserved.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods
Photo from All rights reserved.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods-2

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods
Photo from All rights reserved.

I’m hoping to give the exterior a shabby, quaint feel…as if the house too is being renewed as its new occupant.

For the interior, a sample of the pieces in use (I can’t wait to use the bed and the pieces assigned to it). I definitely want wallpaper, but on the fence about going for something shabby chic, or stick to more modern/neutral patterns. I definitely see the new owner as someone from the nearby big city, but who’s also experimenting on some new tastes….

Bed, table and credenza are part of the Butterfly House furnishing set from 3StarStudioArts. Couch was an eBay purchase.

Bed, table and credenza are part of the Butterfly House furnishing set from 3StarStudioArts. Couch was an eBay purchase.

Just another angle. Sorry for the use of flash.

Just another angle. Sorry for the use of flash.

As for who will be lucky occupant of this place (calling it “The Retreat” for now. Yeah, I know, talk about creative huh)? We’ll have to wait and see. Well, I’ll have to wait and see, given it’s coming from overseas. Stayed tuned.

In the meantime…I think I’m gonna play “Under the Tuscan Sun” on my laptop to help me get sleepy. Methinks someone is due for a nap. <yawn>


7 thoughts on “Meanwhile…Weird Nostalgia

  1. Aw, that was a deep and emotional post. Catharsis does come, no? :]

    I love the inspiration house! Feel better soon (says the person still finding tissues in the folds of the couch).

  2. Hi from Downunder
    Thanks for a great blog and the inspiring work on the ARC I have it now and plan to start on it this winter.It is always good to see someone else doing modern homes in miniature. Keep up the lovely blog and the sharing and hope you are feeling better soon Thank you Diva from Downunder

  3. This was a beautiful entry, and I wish you well in your new project. Also, I hope you get well soon from the flu. I had it a couple of months ago and it was just as you described. Additionally, your hubs sounds like a super sweet person.

  4. Thanks everyone from the comments and feedback (ssshhh…I’m sneaking at my laptop to do some miniature supply runs before BK catches me). It was a bit cathartic writing this entry…and it was surprising to write about this. I just hope I can pull off the ideas forming in my head and give you guys something fun to enjoy when all’s said and done.

    Also, I sure hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and avoiding the flu at all costs. It is indeed an atrocious experience. And I owe BK a ton for making constant runs to the store to get more orange juice and tissues. 😦

    From DK (aka chibipulse)

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