Victorious Dilemmas – Oh Noes!

Given the last entry was on the cathartic note…hopefully this one will give you all a chuckle at how inept I can be sometimes.

A few weeks back, someone posted a listing on eBay on the CB2 Miniature Neville House. I was pretty excited when I saw it because I had meant to get one when Crate & Barrel’s more mod sibling store released it around 2011. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a CB2 anywhere near me so it was definitely a no go.

Anyways, so once I saw the listing, I put a max bid and left it at that. Next thing I knew, a bidding war erupted. I gave up in the end because the price just got too high for me to justify it. So the listing ended, and off it went to its new owner. Until a new listing showed up. The start price was a bit high at $75, but I put a low bid thinking that I’ll probably get outbid yet again. That is until a few minutes ago — and I got the notification from eBay saying I won it.

Finally! Ye miniature gods, thou hath answered my call!

Picture of CB2's Neville House. Photo found on

Picture of CB2’s Neville House. Photo found on

I saw blog entries about this house from Call of the Small and MiniModern (which inspired me to keep an eye for it). Granted, it looks like it can accommodate stuff from 1:16 down, but given BK and I are moving things into storage….I’m only allowed to keep smaller scale minis to display around the house. Yes, the ARC III is safe — that’s permanently taken residence on my dining room table as part of the decor. That’s partly why I’m trying out other scales to circumvent the whole space issue going on at home. Yeah, sneaky on my end. But hey, it’s an obsession — and sometimes, ones does desperate things. 🙂

[Update: Modern Mini Houses shared her entries about the Neville House since she owns one too! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!]

Sorry, digressing here. Back to the post!

So while I’m shaking off my stunned surprise that I won the Neville House (really, really thought I’d be outbid at the last second)….I also came across this beauty on Etsy.

Half scale (1:24) DIY cardboard dollhouse.
From Melissasminiwereld.

During my hunt for half scale items on Etsy (just to see what’s out there), I found this shop called Mellisasminiwerld where Mme. Sipma creates 1:24 and 1:48 scale minis out of cardboard. Talk about intriguing! I love the details around the windows and door. And the fact it’s cardboard….it almost screams a delicious challenge to find ways to decorate the exterior.

I contacted Mme. Sipma on the dimensions for the half scale version, and the lovely shopkeeper told me that it’s about 30cm high x 18 cm deepx 23 cm wide (about 11.8 x 7 x 9 inches).  Hmm…I can definitely fit that atop the bookcase….

Egads! I want this house too! But now I have the Neville being shipped here soon….and I need to flesh out The Retreat! What am I gonna do??? Even more, how am I gonna explain to BK why there are more kits coming home when I’m putting a good bunch of my currents ones into storage?

Curse this obsession! No…wait – yay for obsessions!

But I guess there’s only way to settle things. And that’s playing rock paper scissors lizard Spock!

Schematic of the game.
Image from The Recidivist.

Though Sheldon definitely explains it way better (sorry, my love for the Big Bang Theory knows no bounds).

What do you guys think? Should I go for the cardboard house? Maybe use that as the Retreat? Or as a counter to it? Ack, this and the flu’s making me loopy again!


6 thoughts on “Victorious Dilemmas – Oh Noes!

  1. OMG congrats! I love the Neville House! Personally I think 1:24 is best. Check out my posts on mine:

    The one with the orange chairs and blue credenza is between small 1:12 and 1:16 scale furniture. The one with the messy man’s cave is 1:16 scale renewal vintage furniture. The one with the bed is minimodernistas 1:24 scale. If you go with 1:24 you’ll be able to get the most furniture in there. Good luck!

    • Hey Mini Dork – thanks for sharing your entries! The photographs definitely help in seeing how the scales work. You’re right in that the 1:24 scale furniture fits better. Though I love the man cave (I’d shrink myself to that cave — but only to play video games on that HUGE screen)! 😀

      I have a question for you though about the Neville’s flooring/carpeting. The blogs mentioned that it’s very sandpapery in texture. Has it been an issue for you? Is it removable if one wants to swap it out with something else? Got some ideas in the decorating department but the floors are what’s stumping me at the moment…

      • Mine seemed REALLY glued on. It’s hard to get your hands in the small openings (or maybe I just have giant hands), but I was worried about getting it all off, so I opted to not remove the flooring. When you put rugs on top of it, they stay in place. I was going to try getting some textured felt and cut that to size and just lay it on top of the grippy flooring to cover it, but it’s on my to do list. 🙂

      • That’s actually a good suggestion! I’ll have to look into coverings then…still flipping a coin on what scale minis to use on the Neville. So excited when it arrives!

    • You’re killing me Brae – killing me! I’m still playing rock paper scissors lizard spock to really decide if I want the get that cardboard house or not! You know…all in the name of reviewing it and sharing the wealth of course!

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