Okay, Definitely Unexpected

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but….being sick in bed is now starting to have perks. Instead of worrying about codes and single signs on, and other web-related issues that have been hounding me at work….I can actually enjoy maybe an hour or so of reading. Or surfing online (to read my daily share of mini blogs). Or plan.

And when I am not nauseous need to go to the bathroom am hungry then feeling nauseous again feel well enough, I can pad over to my office — or downstairs — do a quick run on my minis. BK agreed (albeit reluctantly) to let me work on minis. But I’m not allowed to push myself. I have to at least take two naps if to get better.

After getting excellent pointers from emagpie of Wishcraft Studio (thank you, thank you, thank you!) about the joys of Gatorboard, I went ahead and submitted an order. I found a vendor called Foam Board Source.com that sells 10 pack of the 3/16″ x 11″ x 14″ sheets for about $30. Shipping jacked it up to almost $41, but this should be plenty of boards for The Retreat. And tonight, BK will be picking up the jigsaw at Home Depot. So hopefully….I can at least maybe cut the side panels to get started! <crosses fingers>

I went back to the schematics and realized that I didn’t factor a staircase. Then I got to thinking about whether I want to install one or not. Part of me thinks no if I’m trying to keep the house to a certain size. But then my eyes came across this random purchase I recently made.

Orange Marx dollhouse stairs.  Won via eBay from SueBees Miniatures.

Orange Marx dollhouse stairs.

Won via eBay from SueBees Miniatures.

According to the description on eBay, the stairs were part of the MARX imagination dollhouse. It’s supposed to be half scale at 9 1/2″ x 2 1/4″. I love the shape, and thought at first that maybe I can use this at the Retreat. So I put a low bid on it — and won it. But when I pulled it out of the package….I had a hard imagining a half scale figure walking up these steps.

My suspicions became clear when I caught my doll Monica testing it out. Is it just me, or does this look like this would work better in 1:12 scale?

Monica climbing up the Marx stairs. No "Stairway to Heaven" jokes please....

Monica climbing up the Marx stairs. No “Stairway to Heaven” jokes please….

Hey Monica, where do you think you're going huh?

Hey Monica, where do you think you’re going huh?

Hmm….guess this stair will need to be used for another project. In the meantime..guess I’d better wait until the Retreat’s framework is built out.

Credits: Monica is a Heidi Ott (the older lady model). Outfit was purchased from Mlle Jing of JingsCreations on Etsy. Definitely worth a visit — I’d redress all my dolls with her stuff if I could. Shoes also by Heidi Ott.


One thought on “Okay, Definitely Unexpected

  1. Hi there! Thanks for mentioning my shop on eBay! These stairs do go to the Imagination Dollhouse made by Marx and it is for the 1/2″ Contemporary furniture…I guess that going from one level of this futuristic dollhouse to another they had to make the stairs large. I love seeing how you used it or tried! Thanks again and I would love it if you added me to your page of “Where to buy”…Sue from suebeesminiautres on eBay!

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