Holy Crap, Where’s the Off Switch??

Okay…I’m seriously glad I’m recovering from the flu. Because I’m realizing a couple of things in my inboxes.

For starters…apparently I DID CAVE IN and bought this. And it’s en route to me from the Netherlands. <facepalm #1>
Good lord, what was I thinking???

Actually no…I KNEW what I was thinking. I couldn’t pass this up. Especially with all the ideas I have in mind for this beauty.

Half scale dollhouse made of cardboard.
From Melissasminiwereld shop on Etsy.

And second….I paid a pretty hefty amount to win the following on eBay. <facepalm #2….and 3….and 4….>

Djeco dollhouse miniature furniture set. Used with permission by eBay seller.

Djeco dollhouse miniature furniture set.
Used with permission by eBay seller.

The above set is created by a French toy company called Djeco. Apparently these pieces are part of their “Petit Home” series. These are set in 1:18 scale – similar to Lundby sizes (and can fit in the ARC III) – and are made of plastic and wood. I got more intrigued by the designs of the pieces – especially the dining and living room sets. Definitely has a bit of that modern vintage vibe in the shapes. Plus, the yellows and blues and reds just screamed fun to me. πŸ™‚

Djeco dollhouse miniature furniture set.  Used with permission by eBay seller.

Djeco dollhouse miniature furniture set.
Used with permission by eBay seller.

I was curious why this hasn’t been heard of here in the US — apparently it’s because we can’t get it anywhere in the US (at least from what I could find online). If you wanted to buy these — you’d have to order them either from the EU (like in France or Spain) or Australia. Talk about getting sucker punched, given how $$$ shipping can be from these locations. At the moment, I found one online site that has the series in stock.

Granted, I put a hefty amount to win the bid on eBay. But in the grand scheme of things…the price I paid ended up being comparable had I decided to suck it up and buy the pieces from the EU.

I’m so looking forward to when these pieces arrived. I haven’t figured out how to display them. Djeco does offer the following two to house the pieces – a traditional home style dollhouse. Or a modern style home for those enfants with modern tastes. They even have different selections of what doll families you want to occupy your dollhouse!

Djeco Cubic House.
Photo from the Bilboquet website.

We all know I’m leaning towards the Cubist style, but I have to admit, the home style version is just as adorable….and a bit of a spacesaver, at 40 cm x 40cm x 36.5 cm (about 16″x16″x about 14″)

Djeco Color House.
Photo from the Bilboquet website.

Or…now that I have the jigsaw and a source for Gatorboard….do I risk attempting a scratchbuild? I found someone who posted instructions (and schematics) on how to build a vintage A-Frame dollhouse that’s collapsible. And it’s in 1:16 scale. But then again….I should see how I turn out scratch building the retreat. I think I’m set with the interior layout. The exterior part I seem to be fluctuate a bit from my original concept. Not a good sign methinks.

Either way….I’m going to be super busy. A super busy idiot that is. <facepalm moment>

Until then…and until the Gatorboard arrives….I need to move to another quick project. Maybe something involving Copeland the Wonder Piano perhaps?

Copeland + Corner Roombox = Next Project on Queue

Copeland + Corner Roombox = Next Project on Queue

Well, given that as of tonight (2/16/15), most of Washington DC will be getting between 5 to 12 inches of snow….am going to guess alot of the offices will be closed. I sure hope so — it’ll be nice to work on this while watching the snow pile up outside. And if the federal offices are closed…that means I’ll get more snuggle time with BK! Win!

With my implements of war...

With my implements of war…

8 thoughts on “Holy Crap, Where’s the Off Switch??

  1. OMG those djeco petit home pieces are AWWWWWesome!! You’ve got me enchanted with them already. And, yes, you have so much work ahead. So, so much wonderful amazing brilliant fun fabulous work ahead. So, you plan on sleeping again ever? xoxox

    • Given the amount that’s showing up in my mini to-do list….I’ll be amazed if I can get about 5 hrs of sleep a night. That’s the best case scenario.

      But it’ll be worth it! Well….I sure hope it’ll all be worth it!

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  3. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled upon this dollhouse series a few weeks ago. I wish I had seen this post earlier. You scouted it way in advance. I do love the Djeco dollhouse offerings! I also purchased the sets and refused to make a decision on which house…bought both. And there is nowhere for it to go in my house. The insanity! Ha

  4. Hi there!
    Just received my Djeco family and room items, and I am so excited to place them in my vintage Fisher Price #280 dollhouse once it is fully restored. (Gasp!)
    I really would love to mix some modern Lundby sets (like the kitchen and bathroom) with the Djeco stuff, but I’m concerned that they aren’t the same scale. Can you help? I am under the impression that Tomy and Djeco are 1:16 scale, while the Lundby sets are 1:18. Do you think it would look tragic to use some of both? Please advise. I am very new to dollhouse restoration. This all started about a month ago with my Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse purchase, and has clearly spiraled out of control from there! I am officially obsessed, and I love your blog! I also am a huge nerd of all things German, and your use of the Crailsheimer stuff is really ringing my bell! But again, before I dive into another rabbit hole, I need to figure out this scale stuff. The Crailsheimer stuff is 1:12 scale, no?
    I digress. Thanks in advance for any help/advise you can give!

    • Hi Michelle – thanks for following my (sadly anemic) blog!

      This is an excellent question! 1:18 scale (Lundy) is little bit bigger than Tomy and Djeco (which are indeed more 1:16 scale). But personally, I find the difference in size to be rather neglible. If it helps, my ARC III dollhouse uses primarily 1:16 scale furniture. But the kitchen (sink, stove) I used a vintage Lundby that is 1:18 in size. So you can see the size difference. I actually don’t mind it – ultimately, you should go with what makes you happy. πŸ™‚

      I’ll need to pull my Djeco pieces and put them against my Lundy set and take pics….your question is definitely worth pondering and possibly writing as a blog entry!

      • Hooray!!! Thank you! I would love to see any pictures you could provide, and a blog post about these other less “standard” scales would be great for someone like me! Interestingly enough; you should see my Tomy family compared to my Djeco family. They are technically the same size, but also quite different. The Djeco family seems bigger, but they really aren’t. Weird.
        Thanks so much for the quick response!!!

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