Snow Goodies

Today was somewhat of a slow day. Flurries began to fall yesterday afternoon and continued through the night. By then, BK and I learned that the federal government decided to close. Which was great for BK – he got a snow day essentially. For me though, because my job allows me to telecommute – I had to either work, or take unscheduled leave. I ended up using a vacation day…our power was a little iffy, and the last thing I want to happen would be for our electricity to suddenly go out while in the middle of programming. Not a good scenario at all.

On the other hand…because I essentially took a day off…I got to enjoy a couple of hours during the day with BK. Mostly snuggling at the couch, sipping some hot tea while we watched the snow outside. Which was immediately followed by my happy shrieks of opening more packages delivered by our mailman. 🙂

In terms of loot….we’ll start with a half scale kitchen sink and matching cabinet from Diane Paone Miniatures. I got these to install into the Retreat. Need to figure out what kind of finish to use on these beauties…

1/24 scale kitchen sink and shelf

1/24 scale kitchen sink and shelf

The next package was a frivolous eBay purchase on my end. But I guess my own curiousity got the better of me. Plus, it looks pretty cool right?

Decorator Series Living Room Set by Minder Industries.

Decorator Series Living Room Set by Miner Industries.

I don’t know much about this company, but I’ve seen the Miner Industires name quite alot in my search for vintage modern miniatures. Though most of the ones I’ve come across were in 1:24 scale (Call Small has an entry on a really awesome living room set – talk about a lucky puppy!). The only information the seller was able to provide was that it was made in the 60s, and was made wholly of plastic. Despite the old packaging, everything appeared to be in good condition. Figured why the heck not.

After carefully removing the cardboard and plastic lid….I was greeted with this.

The plastic lid removed.

Hey, how you doing gorgeous?

The seller is right — all the pieces are made of hard plastic. But the overall condition of the pieces are fantastic – I was expecting some rough/scuffed edges, but those were barely minimal from what I could see. The cardboard floor and wall were in decent shape…I wish the artwork on the rear “wall” was removable or something. Though I guess I could just splice those pieces out if I want to use them on a setting.

Close up of the set. Check out the zebra like rug print!

Close up of the set. Check out the zebra like rug print!



The only thing that seemed funky about the set was how the pieces were attached to the carboard floor. If you look closely at the photo above, the black/silver chair has what appears to be black plugs on the left front and right rear leg. Am not sure what you call those pieces, but they seem to act like anchors to keep the pieces attached. It wasn’t until when I tried to seperate the white chair from the flooring that I got a closer look of the plugs.

Close up of the plugs.

Close up of the plugs.

Can’t tell if these plus were more for packaging means or what not. If anyone has an idea, let know. I’m pretty curious to learn the logic behind these plugs.

The plugs after removing the pieces.

The plugs after removing the pieces.

Luckily, even if you remove the pieces from the plugs….they still stand level. I was afraid I’d have to apply the plugs or something. That would kinda suck if you ask me.

I’ll have to test these on some of my 1:12 scale dolls to figure out the scale. It looks a little too big to be 1/16 or 1/18 scale don’t you think? I’m hoping these guys are 1:12 scale…it’ll be nice break to work on. Especially since I’m officially breaking out in cold sweats at the thought of scratch-building a 1/24 scale house….

SnowLoot-8And…I saved the best for last. It’s finally here!!

Behold! The CB2 Neville House!

Behold! The CB2 Neville House!

I gotta admit, I was pretty speechless when I pulled this out of its shipping box. When this house was first released back in 2011 (or was it 2012?), I thought I wouldn’t have a chance getting one. I guess good things come to those who wait. 😀


It’s definitely does seem smaller in terms of the dimensions, but I can see this looking bulky if so much as the overall height was increased.  And boy, folks weren’t kidding about the “sandpaper flooring”. It feels like 180 grit paper or something. Definitely not something I’d want to trip and skin my knees on. Yikes! Definitely putting some kind of covering on this! Last thing I’ll want is to have my wooden minis getting their legs scuffed against this “flooring”. 😦

Weird scratchy carpeting.

Weird scratchy carpeting.

I let Rowen and Cilla come over from the ARC III to check out the place while I went upstairs to finish up some work. Figured these two can take a look and see what they think. What I didn’t expect was a scene straight out of Property Brothers. Or House Hunters. Or whatever show HGTV tends to air nowadays.

Scoping out the place.

Scoping out the place.

Rowen: Whatcha think babe? Doesn’t it look great?

Cilla: I dunno Rowen…we just got our place. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get another place so soon you know?

Rowen: But this is one of a kind! You know that crazy dollhouse gal isn’t going to pass this up! At least let’s take a look around ok?

Cilla: <sigh> Alright, alright. We can take a look.

Assessing the deck.

Assessing the deck.



Rowen: Is this deck cool or what? Think of all the plants we can put out here!

Cilla: But there isn’t enough room to put a chair outside!

Rowen: That’s okay babe! I mean, look at the windows in front of the deck. We can enjoy the view from inside!

Cilla: But..there’s only one room here Rowen….

Rowen: Aw, it’ll be fine babe! Once the big crazy lady finishes the work on this place…this will be THE PLACE to be. Immediately after our house of course. Come on, let’s go inside ok?

Trying one of the side entrances.

Trying one of the side entrances.

Cilla: It’s pretty dark in here Rowen…

Rowen: Aw, it’s okay Cilla! Lemme see if I can find the switch….and there! Found it!


Cilla: …huh, I guess it doesn’t look bad in here.

Rowen: Well, it looks clean and tidy for starters. The carpet looks nice…but feels weird though.

Cilla: Yeah it does feel weird. The crazy lady was so-so over it. I think I heard her say she’s going to put down a different covering. Or something like that.

Rowern: Sounds like a plan. Not sure I’m a fan of this grey color for the flooring anyways. And I sure hope crazy lady is planning to put paint or wallpaper here! Some color would be great don’t you think?


Cilla: It does feel cozy here…but I wonder what the crazy lady is going to put here. She just got this today you know.

Rowen: That’s true. But hopefully, she’s got some good ideas. I mean, she did build our house. And it’s beyond awesome.

Cilla: <nods head> That’s true. I guess I might like it…depending on how she finishes it.

Rowen: <excitedly> So you’re saying you’re open to us having this place?

Cilla: I’m saying I’m open to us having it — if the crazy lady ends up giving it to us.

Rowen: You’re the best babe! The best!


Of course, when I came downstairs, I caught the two of them at the deck doing this. Seriously dudes – get a room! Or go back to your house! (mutters darkly as she goes upstairs to wash her eyes)


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