Sunday Lazing (Sorta)

Given the fudge up I committed last night over the roombox…have to say I was relieved I stuck to my gameplan of just working on applying mortar to the bricks before going to bed. Granted, I only slept my usual 6 hrs…but at least I woke up (somewhat) clear minded. And a little more calm in case something else came up during the roombox’s construction.

For starters, I did an inspection of the bricks. Everything appeared to be completely dry (I placed the roombox near one of our vents so it’d be exposed to the heat) so I sprayed a layer of Lysol over the masonry. Once that was dry, a thick layer of Modge Podge was applied.

Close up of the finished brickwork. Not too bad I guess.

Close up of the finished brickwork. Not too bad I guess.

While the bricks were drying, I set the roombox to rest on its back so I can work on sanding the upper part of the side walls. A couple layers of white craft acrylic paint followed (Americana’s Whitewash) until the walls looked opaque enough.


To add some interest to the exterior walls (and to provide some kind of break between the brick and the painted sections), I dug around my (now anemic) supplies and found some 3/8″ wide stripwood. Some quick measurements and cuts later, I had some lumber ready to be stained in dark walnut. I used some new Minwax wood stain pens as a finishing medium. Is it just me, or did the formula in the stain markers changed or something? The colors didn’t seem to flow evenly when I was using them. Am sure hoping maybe I’m just using a fluke pen….

Exterior wood trim.

Waiting for the exterior wood trim to dry.

While the trim was set aside to dry, I started to work on the interior trim. Luckily, I didn’t have to do much cutting — just the baseboard, and a single cornice to grace the rear wall.

Sorry for the weird angle -- was trying to utilize as much natural as possible to take clear shots.

Sorry for the weird angle — was trying to utilize as much natural as possible to take clear shots.

By the time I glued the last baseboard in place, BK and I decided to head outside to dig our cars out from the snow. Luckily it didn’t take too long — the sun was out, and the temperature rose to a comfortable 42 degrees. Just enough to soften the snow/ice mix — but heavy enough to still be a concerted effort. At least we’ll be able to get our cars out for Monday’s commute <sigh>.

Once we got back inside the house, the walnut stained trim was dry and ready for installation. Which was peppered with some mild cursing because the tacky glue I was using wasn’t holding the pieces in place. Last time I’ll consider getting the cheap kind. 😦



The trim on the right started to slide a bit when I was taking the shot. Ugh, last time I’m buying generic tacky glue.

Once the wood trims were FINALLY set in place (thanks to painter’s tape, more cursing, and a cup of hot tea prepared by BK. Thanks babe!), began to prep the picture window. I picked this up awhile back on eBay for some projects that I can’t remember anymore (facepalm). It looks pretty huge, but I wanted to give the roombox the illusion of overlooking an actual scene.


As for that scene….I went through my files of pictures I took of Grandma Ellie’s house over the summer over at Martha’s Vineyard. Technically, this wouldn’t take long…but BK saw me looking through the pictures on my laptop. So we ended curling up on the couch together most of the afternoon, pouring through the pictures I took. And basically reminiscing our almost week long stay with his grandmother over the summer.

When BK asked me why I was looking at the photos, I told him I wanted to incorporate one of them for the roombox. We ended up settling on this photo of Grandma’s garden as it was perfectly showed why we loved coming here. It was the perfect place to get away from the stress…and just find your center once more. Methinks this was as close as paradise as possible.

Actual photo of my grandmother in law's house and garden at Martha's Vineyard.

Actual photo of my grandmother in law’s house and garden at Martha’s Vineyard.

I remember taking this shot with my smartphone the minute we pulled up on the driveway. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough so I opened the passenger window and stuck my phone outside to take this shot. Usually, BK and I visited the Vineyeard during the winter months (it’s off season, so it’s a little cheaper to transport the car over by ferry. Plus no tourists to contend on the roads). So the chance to actually come to Grandma’s during the summer months was an absolute rarity to us.

Once the photo was selected, I edited it on Photoshop by increasing the dpi to 300, and resizing the photo to a height that fits the window’s opening.  Once I printed it on photo paper, I glued the photograph onto some cellfoam to provide a stiff base before it was trimmed down to size.

And in true fashion, I got so focused in prepping the window that I forgot to photograph the process. But I did manage to take this shot to show the final product. I tilted the roombox again on its back to make sure the window stayed in place until the glue is completely dried.

Installed the window with its "scene".

Installed the window with its “scene”.

A slightly fuzzy closeup of the window

A slightly fuzzy closeup of the window. Think curtains are in order….

Once the glue dries….I’m officially done constructing the roombox. Huh, and I almost did the work over a weekend (give or take a couple of hours). I guess that’s not bad overall right?

Ugh, I’d move in the stuff and take the final photos, but my dining room light doesn’t make for good pictures. So we’ll have to wait until I can take some photos during the daytime. In the meantime…I’ll provide the following as a teaser. Mostly to say thank you for reading my ramblings. 🙂


Sample of what’s to come. Ack, the darn lights in the dining room is making my wallpaper look yellowish and weird!

Don’t worry folks, I’m just as impatient as you are. I really want to move the furnishings in – and the new occupants. Stay tuned!



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