(Instant) Neville Crush

Yeah I know – not sure if I understand the title myself. But I’ve started using the IHeartRadio app on my phone to play music while I work on my minis. I usually try to vary my music selections depending on my mood, and for this weekend, I wanted to hear all things Daft Punk.

And oddly enough, I found myself bopping along to this particular track the most. Warning: the video is kinda bizzare, but heart aching in an odd sort of way.

Now that the roombox is complete (yay!) – and the Gatorboard arrived today (double yay! No wait – crap! Need to finalize my schematics!), I figured I’m gonna try to finish the Neville House. Am afraid you all will have to bear with me — I was honestly making the game plans up on the spot. Mostly because my dining room/workroom is absolutely a mess, and I was blindly digging around for stuff.

Despite Rowen’s protests (and to Cilla’s elation), I wanted the Neville to be occupied by someone else. I don’t know who yet….am sure the answer will come to me. Usually in the middle of the night. (sigh)

Since the building’s overall shape looks like a ski chalet, I was going to continue that theme. But apply a few details/modificiations to make the place my own. Mostly to add some textures and colors to make the place pop some more.

For starters — the roof. I love the slant, but I wanted add some kind of enhancement. Then the idea of simulating a snap-rib roof came to mind.

Example of a snap-rib metal roof on a cabin. Photo from Watertight Systems Ltd.

Example of a snap-rib metal roof on a cabin. Photo from Watertight Systems Ltd.

To help me mimic the look, I sawed to size a couple of 1/8″ x 1/8″ wood strips. Then, using my quilter’s ruler and a pencil, started figuring out how far apart I wanted the strips to be from each other.

Making the measurements.

Making the measurements.

Because the roof’s width didn’t allow for an even spacing of the strips, I decided that the outer and mid beams be about 2 inches apart. Then on the center of the roof, I found a 3/8″ wide strip of wood (that also had the same thickness as the other beams) and applied that in the center. I had to constantly remeasure, but I managed to make sure that for this center beam, it was exactly 2 3/8″ away from the mid-beams. Maybe the technical part of me was being a jerk a pain in my ass inflexible, but I was intent of making the roof as symmetrical as possible.

The final layout for the roof.

The final layout for the roof.

Once I was happy with the layout, I took one end of each of the beams and sawed it at a 45-degree angle. I know this is unnecessary, but I wanted the beams to continue the angle provided by the roof. It’s a miniscule detail I know, but am happy with how it looks.

Close up of the wood strips on the roof.

Close up of the wood strips on the roof.

I haven’t decided on the color yet….I know the beams and the roof will be painted. But the spaces between the beams seems to need some kind of texture. I’ll figure that out later – I have to do a run to either AC Moore or Michaels this week, so maybe something will come up and inspire me.

For the interior walls…oh boy, talk about a challenge. Give the only ways to get inside the room is either via the front patio doors/windows (?) or the openings on the side….and the roof doesn’t pull up….or the back….the options are kinda limited.

So I decided to do a compromise. The side walls I’ll just simply sand to remove any rough edges. While the back wall, I’ll attempt to wallpaper using my leftover sheets from my first 1:6 roombox

Wallpaper for the Neville's rear/accent wall. This is going to be a challenge!

Wallpaper for the Neville’s rear/accent wall. This is going to be a challenge!
Orla Kiely Multistem paper is actually wrapping paper from Paper Source.

…while the ceiling…I’m going to attempt doing something like this.

Exposed wood beams with white painted ceilings.
From the RBD blog

A challenge you ask? Why yes….yes it will. For my wrists especially. <facepalm>

For the exterior walls – I did a late night run to the storage unit a few days ago, and actually did some digging through my bins. I found several sheets of beadboard which got me thinking…maybe the Neville should have some beams incorporated. Especially on the exterior.

Exteior plan - install beams.

Exteior plan – install beams.

I’ll have do some light sanding on the exterior walls , but in the sides where there are recessed panels…I’ll need to cut the beadboard panels to fit to size. I’m still planning to keep the side openings alone — trust me, now I completely understand how the others who own the Neville house found it challenging to position things inside the room. >_<

So far, so good. I got a gameplan for the roof and exeterior walls.  Then BK brought up an interesting question – was I planning to do anything about the front? More specifically, the front railings.

Photo of the The CBS Neville. Please pardon the mess....

The CB2 Neville. Please pardon the mess….

As you can see in the photo above, the Neville has a basic rail for its front deck. It’s cute and all, but when I took this photo, I realized that the railings were actually tilting backwards. I’ve currently put some clamps to see if that might help straighten it and all. But then again…I don’t exactly hate the rails, but don’t exactly love them either.

I had thought of maybe removing the wooden rails and doing something like one of these examples. But is that considered sacrilege? What do you guys think?

Glass Deck Railing Panels. Photo from Houzz.com.

Glass Railing. From STAR System International website.

In the meantime, I’m going to see how far I’ll get today. Before BK and I attempt to brave a trip to our local IKEA store….

4 thoughts on “(Instant) Neville Crush

  1. I didn’t realise the Neville was all tied up so you had to do interior decorating through the doors. That’s a pain =0/ As for the railing, glass would look amazing – it would compliment the patio doors well. It’s all looking very good and the additions you’re making (however small), really add to the overall look. Have fun =0)

    • Thanks Pepper! Yeah, Mini Dork gave some excellent feedback on the Neville so it wasn’t a surprise. Think based on my to-do list, I’ll be working backwards — do the interior walls and ceilings first, then the roof and exterior walls, then the interior floors (the floor really is like sandpaper!). And then…perhaps the “glass rail”. 🙂

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