Moving Day for Copeland

Oh lordie…so glad it’s the weekend! Work had been crazy with the constant deadlines. It got to the point that I’d be working nonstop at the office, then come home to only spend dinner and maybe an hour or two with BK. Then locking myself in my workstation to finish up stuff. Think it’s one of the those cons being both a project manager and somewhat of a web developer — the minute you find your groove in a project, you kinda don’t want to let that up.

At least by Friday, most of the projects have been deployed thanks to my teammates manning the fort during my self-lockdowns. Hopefully they won’t mind me bringing them some homemade cookies as a thank you — and for something to nibble during our weekly team meetings.

Anyhoo…now that it’s the weekend….this crazy gal wants to play!

Since the roombox was technically completed as of the last post….I was finally able to move Copeland the Wonder Piano in his new home. It turned out, I even got some help setting up the new digs.

Hey awesome! Setup help!

Hey awesome! Setup help!

Looks like my dolls Monica and her new beau – our little Michael McDonald lookalike (eh, wha??) decided to have dibs on the place.  Guess that works out to my advantage, given Monica really knows how my brain works when it comes to decorating my minis.

Monica bossing poor Michael around.

Monica bossing poor Michael around.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised at this pair up. Monica is my resident divorcee from my cast of dolls (and a mom of three grown kids….and a grandma. All at the age of 47). And Michael (aka “Lil Mac” as I like to call my Michael McDonald lookalike)….well I seriously thought he was gonna be a confirmed bachelor.

Then again…when I moved my bin where my doll cast are currently stationed…I noticed that these two were always together. I even shook the bin and still, they’re within arm’s reach of each other. Guess it’s their way of letting know that I’m to allow this hookup to happen.  Plus, at least Monica got him to update his clothing to something more fitting! <insert laugh here>

The happy couple taking a break.

The happy couple taking a break.

After they took a break (and my yelling “get a room! gross!” each time I caught some PDA action between them), we resumed moving everything into place. Correction – they bossed ME to put things in place.

"Keep backing it in! You're good!"

“Keep backing it in! You’re good!”

"Easy...easy...okay shift it slightly to the YOUR RIGHT!"

“Easy…easy…okay shift it slightly to the right….no YOUR RIGHT!”

Lordie, I thought Monica was bossy. Michael’s worst! Then again…he did put major dibs on Copeland. Especially since he needs to write up some new songs.  I won’t gripe about it though – he looks really happy to finally have a piano he can play.

Admiring his new musical companion Copeland.

Admiring his new musical companion Copeland.

Okay, so while the two went out to lunch….let’s take a look at the new room shall we?

Tadah! The finished room!

Tadah! The finished room!

The main focus of the room is really Copeland. I wiped him down and used a diluted mix of murphy’s soap and water to really make him as polished as possible. Granted, that was overkill, but I wanted him to forget the sorry state he was in when I got him from Monsieur Z and Mme KP. Talk about a transformation!


Angle shot of Copeland. Piano was a gift from awesome friends. Stool is actually a beat up sewing bench. Cushion covered by fabric from WeeWovens.

On the right side of the room, I used an arm chair I found at a garage sale for $5 (score!). BK suggested putting the guitar in this setting in case Monica or Michael wanted something to else to play.  Behind the chair is a Chapman Bookcase from


The Chapman bookcase was a splurge purchase, but I couldn’t resist. It looks exactly like the one in my home office. Took it as a sign — and that’s the story I’m gonna stick to. 😀

Close up of the Chapman Bookcase

Close up of the Chapman Bookcase

In terms of the contents, this is what I can recall. A few were things I had already, but others were things I found online that I couldn’t pass up.

The canister and bowls were an accidental find, and was surprised that the eBay seller actually hand makes these wooden pieces. Suffice to say, I’ve been ordering whatever he’s been creating from his store since. So if you want some unique wood pieces, definitely worth checking him out. And so long as your purchases are under $50…shipping’s a flat rate of about $2.20. Plus he does do sales (bonus!).

Close up of the Chapman Bookcase

Close up of the Chapman Bookcase

For the walls, because I was trying to replicate a Martha’s Vineyard/New England feel, BK suggested that I should look into well known regional artists. I think he intentionally put this suggestion into my head, because I immediately thought of artist Ralph Cahoon.

In terms of who this gentleman this, Mr. Ralph Cahoon was an artist and furniture decorator that resided in the New England region. Because he grew up near the Atlantic Ocean (and apparently he grew up sailing and fishing in the coast), his artwork reflected the local culture. His marriage to Martha Farham, who came from a well-known family of furniture decorator, introduced him to furniture making.

What I adore about Mr. Cahoon’s works are the whimsical themes he goes for. Given he practically lived by the sea, he incorporated details like sailors, mermaids, ships, whales, and even air balloons.  And often, he uses scenes from Cape Cod for his settings, so BK and I tend to recognize the places. I know it sounds silly, but do a Google image search. I personally find them very whimsical and endearing.

I managed to find some images to use (been bugging BK to take me to the Cahoon Museum — it’s apparently near where my in-laws live. I want to stock on books showcasing Mr. Cahoon’s work). After scanning and sprucing them up with Photoshop, I resized the images and printed them on some canvas textured cardstock. I wanted to simulate the impression of looking like actual paintings.

On the side where the piano was positioned, I applied this painting. Think it’s the hats that totally amused me to no end. Plus, I can only imagine the kind of topics these ladies would be discussing during afternoon tea.

Yeah, I think I’m putting some Ralph Cahoon books in my holiday wish list. I can’t afford one of his paintings, but chance to pore over the works at any time will suffice.

Uh-oh, looks like the couple are back. And based on Michael’s expression, looks like he’s ready to belt out some tunes on Copeland. Guess this is our queue to beat feet and have them enjoy their new room!

A quiet afternoon of music.

A quiet afternoon of music.


2 thoughts on “Moving Day for Copeland

  1. It’s wonderful that Copeland the Wonder Piano finally has his lovely due with his very own cosmic room. And let’s not forget the other two famous musician Copelands; Stewart Copeland and Aaron Copland (OK, missing the “e” but still!). Good stead. Very sweet project, thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Thank you!

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