The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is —

….definitely not on fire. And I’m referring to both my actual house and minis. Because the latter would be bad, but the former would be….definitely worse.

Sorry, in a weird mood this evening. Think it might have been due to work. Even though I worked from home today, the stress levels were high enough to give me a headache. I was pretty relieved when my shift officially ended – I just wanted to walk away from my laptop and get a breather of sorts. Luckily, all it took was to curl up on my couch, and read a few chapters off a book I got as a holiday gift. After that, I was back to (as BK likes to put it) my oddball self.

Which was good…’cause I wanted to do some minis. Or more accurately, do some additional work on the Neville House.

Given that there were really only two parts left — the roof and the rails for the front — I decided to at least finish the first one. Correction — the first one was the only part I could work on, given I had to wait for supplies to arrive. But luckily, the roof should be straight forward.

To start, I started to measure and cut out the materials to cover the roof. In this case, I had some corrugated black cardstock that from a splurge purchase at Michaels last November. I measured the gaps between my wood strips on the roof, and transferred the measurements onto the cardstock. Luckily, I only had to use one 12″x12″ of cardstock — I only needed two strips that were about 2 inches wide, and another two that were about 2 3/16 inches wide.

Cutting the cardstock to size.

Cutting the cardstock to size.

After cutting out the strips, I did a dry fit to make sure they fit perfectly between the wood strips. And they all fit perfectly! Score!

Dry fit run.

Dry fit run.




After that, I removed the cardstock and wood strips from the roof. Just to make sure none of the roof’s wood surface peeks out, I was going to paint the roof a solid black. So I pulled out some painter’s tape to protect the roof’s sides.


Prepping the roof for painting.

I ended up not taking pictures in the process because 75% through the painting….I realized the painter’s tape was starting to peel away from the roof sides. And the black paint started to seep. And in true fashion, I started cursing profusely like a sailor as I removed the tape – and began to paint the sides. So much for Plan A. Now it’s Plan B — having the entire roof painted in black. Guess in the end it worked out since I only needed to apply a single coat.

While the roof dried, I sanded the wood trim and painted them black as well. And again…did not take pics of the process. (sigh)

Once everything was dried (I ended up reading a few chapters from my book to pass the time), I sarted to put the roof pieces in place. I started by installing the outermost strips first. I used Brae’s suggestion of applying the tacky glue first, then adding a few drops of super glue every couple of centimeters along the length of each strip…then pressing it down into place. And the pieces stayed put sans gaps!

After the far left and right strips were glued and secured, I attached the 2 inch wide cardstock strips using a thin layer of Tacky Glue. I carefully moved the cardstock strip to make sure it’s fully flushed against the first wood strip. Then I waited about ten minutes before installing the second set of wood strips. Then the other set of cardstock strips were installed.

Waiting for the glue to set before installing the second set of cardstock strips.

Waiting for the glue to set before installing the second set of cardstock strips.

Before I knew it, I was installing the center wood strip….and I was done. Capital!

Tadah! A finished Neville roof!

Tadah! A finished Neville roof!


Am pretty happy how it turned out. I had thought of applying a glossy finish on the wood strips at first. But looking at the roof…am glad my laziness overrode that idea. This definitely matched What I had initally thought for the Neville house.


The Neville House. Sorry for the fuzzy photos.


Was worried the black roof would be too stark….but in a way, it seemed to provide a nice break from all the waxed wood tones of the main house.

Guess all that’s left now is the glass rail….which I can start once the final parts arrive in the mail within (hopefully) the next few days. And even though the interior is pretty much done….I have to wait for certain items to arrive too. (sigh)

View of the interior.

View of the interior. It looks so empty….

I know folks…I feel your pain. I’m getting impatient too. But for now…hopefully this might help whet the appetite. Or not (you can shake your fists at me. Just don’t throw random stuff in my direction. Not sure if I want to get clocked in the face at the moment…)

A sample of what's moving into the Neville House.

A sample of what’s moving into the Neville House.
Mid-century chairs created as a custom order by Multiforminiatures


3 thoughts on “The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is —

  1. I love the black roof — it has great visual interest and it does anchor the house. Nice job!

    And, I can attest to having your roof be on fire making for a bad day. :[

    • True dat!

      On a hysterical note…on my drive to work this morning, I heard the radio play “The Roof is on Fire” by the Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three. I was laughing so hard.

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