The Neville’s Done! Woot!

Today was a bit busy. With my brother and sister-in-law coming to visit us in a few weeks, I spent most of Saturday cleaning the house. Mostly packing up more things to put in storage, and begin the long process of scouring things from top to bottom. Figured it’s best to break up the tasks into manageable chunks versus trying to do everything at the last minute.

Luckily, I finished what I wanted to do around lunchtime. ..which was perfect because (a) I need to take pics of the Neville because (b)….I was officially done in its modification. Well, from a technical sense I was complete. Whether or not I’m satisfied with the outcome is a subject of debate.

For starters, I finally completed the “glass rail”.

The Neville House with its new "glass" rail.

The Neville House with its new “glass” rail.

If you look carefully at the above pic…yeah, you can see some fudge ups on my end. The big one are the rails….if you look closely, the top rail looks bowed in the center. And on the bottom rail….you can make out where the glue seeped out. Ugh, the more I look at the railing, the more I’m mad at myself. It just seems….sloppy.

Side view with the "lopsided" railing. Urgh!

Side view with the “lopsided” railing. Urgh!

The second photo above….(sigh). You can see How phow the railing not only appears bow-legged (for lack of a better term), but also the entire thing is tilting towards the front. I might need to step away from this and rethink the process….and just redo it. Otherwise, that’s going to bug the crap out of me. 😦

BK thinks I’m being too hard on myself. Perhaps I am…but I guess I’m more disappointed in myself not thinking it through.

Tilting railing aside…at least the rest of the Neville is done. And I can safely start putting the pieces in place.

Putting the cabinet in place.

Putting the cabinet in place.

Have to say…it’s challenging positioning one hand to help put the miniatures in place, while the other hand tries to focus and take the shot with one’s smartphone.

Securing the statue in place.

Securing the statue in place.

After the cabinet was moved in, I had to contort my wrists a bit to install the wall decorations on the foreground (more on them later). Then the chairs were moved in.



Soon…the first set of furniture are in place. I wanted to take a pic of this set before moving the next ones in. The minute I got notification from eBay that I won the Neville House, I quickly made a beeline for the  MultiforMiniatures shop at Etsy. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the items in Monsieur Orloff’s shop were sold.  And I had just marked them as favorites less than 48 hours prior!

Was sweating bullets when I contacted Monsieur Orloff to see if I may be added in his queue for custom order requests. Once again, Monsieur Orloff not only added me in the request queue, but cranked out the items I was hoping to buy before they got sold. I picked the green fabric because I loved the white and mustard “dots” against the green. It really worked out well against the Orla Kiely wrapping paper that I used as wallpaper. 🙂

So Monsieur Orloff, thank you so much! And you’re right — the brass legs look WAY better in the chairs.

Credits: The cabinet was created by Monsieur Orloff of MultiforMiniatures. The green chairs were also a custom order made by Monsieur Orloff (thank you!). The dark pink and reddish wooden bowls were purchased from Oppi’s Store Miniatures & More. The Buddha statue, books, and book end were random eBay purchases.

Just another angle shot of the chairs and cabinet.

Just another angle shot of the chairs and cabinet.

Given I was relying heavily on the sunlight coming from the dining room (where I was taking the photos), I was snapping as many pics as possible.


After I took enough pictures, I started to move the next set of furniture in…

Yeah....please ignore the fat claw known as my hand. Thank you.

Yeah….please ignore the fat claw known as my hand. Thank you.

A few minutes later, everything was officially in place.



Close up of the dining set.

Close up of the dining set.

The table and chars were also from MultiforMiniatures – I actually saw this still available at the shop (along with the cabinet in the back) and immediately asked Monsieur Orloff if I could reserve them for purchase. Looks like I’ll need to act quick next time I visit his shop — his stuff’s flying off the shelves! :O

On the table, I found some aqua blue dinnerware pieces on eBay. But given the pieces were being used in a 1:16 scale setting, I had to nitpick through the selections. I ended up getting plates that were about 20mm, and the bowls were about 11 mm in size.

The platter and tureen were the smallest serving items I could find in the store’s collection — though it looks like they worked well enough on the table. The drinking glasses and pitcher were also purchased from eBay — but they’re actually 1:24 scale. As for the place mats, I cut them out of cardstock.

For the next hour, I was trying to shove my smartphone in every spot I could imagine around the Neville House to get as many interior shots as possible. The following were the best ones I could get out of at least 4 dozen shots. At this point…I wonder if it’s worth sucking it up and getting a good camera. If anyone has any recommendations…am all ears.

Angle shot of the dining area.  Wooden artwork on wall is actually a walnut laser bead from 3StarStudioArts

Angle shot of the dining area.
Wooden artwork on wall is actually a walnut laser bead from 3StarStudioArts

Another angle of the same area.

Another angle of the same area.

View of the dining area from the left side. Artwork on the walls are actually beads from 3StarStudioArts.

View of the dining area from the left side. Artwork on the walls are actually beads from 3StarStudioArts.

For the outside, I placed some plants on the outside porch. Might end up swapping them with something else. But for now, they’ll do nicely in providing color for the Neville House.



I was originally going to have inhabitants for the Neville, but BK thinks I should leave this unoccupied. Mostly because he asked to have this displayed in our living room’s bookcase. Then again…I got the following delivered by the USPS dude. My dolls for the Djeco furniture playsets have arrived!

Family Milo and Lila dolls by Djeco.

Family Milo and Lila dolls by Djeco.

I purchased these dolls from French Blossom a couple of weeks ago. Which makes sense, given most of my receipt appears to be in French. Huh, maybe it was good my parents made me take French all through high school and college! I could still read the language and get away understanding the verbal basics. But conversing in it….that might be a different story….

Back view of the package. For 4-10 years old? Hah!

Back view of the package. For 4-10 years old? Hah!

Based on the photos on the back of the box, it looks like the dolls are super poseable. Time to find out!


Wow, they look so cute!

Once I pulled them out of the box, I was immediately impressed at how well made they are. The painted features look really crisp, and the clothing’s much more intense in color compared to what the package displayed. Again, it totally puzzles me why toys like like aren’t easily available here! If someone from Djeco comes across this….might you please consider having this available in North America? Even Amazon? I’d totally buy more from your miniature series…

But enough rants crazy blogger girl! Time to test them against the Neville!


The kids are checking out the front porch….


…while Mom and Dad check out the interior. Looks like the mother’s enjoying the chairs immensely!

Well, they’re definitely poseable. The knees bend very well, and the leg joints move smoothly when I moved the dolls into a sitting position. Though it’s a bit of a bummer than their arms don’t bend at the elbows.

Nevertheless, that was the only con against the list of good points the dolls provided — and seriously, I can live with that. Definitely happy that I got these dolls to go with my Djeco sets — now I just need their future home to arrive.

What is it you ask? Well…I’m not sure either. It’s definitely experimental that’s for sure!

(yeah I know that was mean of me. I’ll make it up to you all soon. For now…please don’t hurt me)

18 thoughts on “The Neville’s Done! Woot!

    • Yeah, am surprised as well. But definitely coming back to the Neville to redo the plexiglass rail. Kat provided great suggestions below — and it reinforced what I’m thinking as a new plan of attack. 🙂

  1. Beautiful! It turned out awesome. Might I throw something out there for the plexiglass rail? I think it’s calling for supports (not trying to be obvious, I mean from an aesthetic POV!). From your first picture you can see the lines of the main windows through it, I would match the vertical support with that. And maybe stain it dark like the upper window frames? I’m always in awe of your work!

    • Hey Kat — totally in agreement with you! The lack of supports is the big issue. Plus, I should have checked the rails to see if they were even before doing any of the installation work.

      The staining’s a good idea too. I might have to lug the Neville to my Home Depot to see which wood stain I should use. My brain thinks the darker tones are mahoghany…but BK disagrees (he thinks it’s cherry or red oak). So you can tell it’s become a hot topic of debate at our household!

      The rail redo will definitely be a new post once I finalize the materials. Again, thanks for the suggestions/recommendations! I love getting technical feedback from fellow miniaturists (you get me — you all really, really get me!) 😀

      • Some Home Depots sell a 50 cent sample size of stain (ketchup packet size). Usually in the display for the stain, where the colour chips are. It has just enough for a mini project and you can buy a few different ones and not break the bank.

      • Hmm..I might have to try that at the bigger Home Depot branch. The one closest to me is really small and often, I have to drive to the other locations to find what I need. But I’ll definitely check and ask! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Use the rail you don’t like on the Neville for another project (balcony roof sun screen?) as its lines look wind swept. Start another for it while you have coffee in the morning with your brother & sister-in-law. I’m sure they would constantly be distracted to it! Neville is lovely, lovely. When you’re done cleaning sit back and take it all in and enjoy (if only for a few minutes of perfection on Earth!).

    • Thanks Brae. It’s still giving me fits but not the quiet rage from the weekend. It’s more of a “well, that totally sucks” type of feeling now. But at least I’ve ordered new materials for the redo – and determination to hopefully get it right! 😀

  3. Those green upholstered chairs have stolen my heart. Gah! They are drop.dead.goregous! I hope you find a solution to the railing. It does look really nice with the glass and wood. I just love this house design from the modern lines to the large windows – and you’ve really added something special to the scene. 🙂

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  5. Those doll figures are so cute. I’m glad to see other images of them. I like how their heads are so big. The style reminds me of when people print out oversized paper heads of themselves and walk around with them. You are right about the figures needing elbow joints. I will say that the “Father” doll makes me laugh every time I see his painted expression. He’s kind of intense. Ha!

  6. Oh, you are so talented ! Bravo !
    I have recently bought a Lundby house and will try to restore it for my little one.
    I find the Lundby dolls really ugly and was wondering if the Djeco ones would fit in a Lundby house which is 1/16th scale. Do you think so ? How tall are the Djeco dolls ?
    I see you have deserted your blog for quite a while. I know it takes a lot of time to update one…
    Please don’t give up ! I’m sure your fans are as patient as me, and will wait to see how your work is progressing 😉
    A french fan

    • Hello Acidulee – hopefully the following info helps.

      The Djeco dolls are about 11 cm tall (for the adults) and a little over 9 cm for the kids (93 mm to be exact). These guys are more true to 1/16 scale versus Lundby, which is more on the 1/18 scale. Personally, I think both scales are close enough that you can interchange between them. Though in terms of dolls…I tend to lean more toward the Djeco dolls. I think they’re way more colorful and adorable.

      If it helps, here are my Djeco dolls checking out a Lundby stockholm sofa. So if you’re thinking of using them for the Lundby dollhouse, you should be perfectly fine!

      Yeah, I’ve been pretty terrible with updating my blog due to illness. But slowly hobbling back to the saddle! 😀

  7. Thank you very much for your answer with the picture, and yes, the Djeco dolls just look perfect with lundby pieces of furniture !
    I hope you have recovered from illness and that you feel better now.
    I keep an eye on your blog 🙂
    bye for now

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