Change of Game Plans

After riding aboard the SS Apprehension over my (in retrospect, not justified) angst regarding the Neville House’s front railings, I think I now have a gameplan in terms of how to correct it. After  careful consideration, feedback from you guys (this is why I love you all dearly — I really do!), some discussions with BK (given my father-in-law is a retired general contractor), and slapping myself silly some serious thought…this what I’ll be aiming to do. Especially once the supplies arrive (speaking of which, where are they, Mr. USPS dude?).

For starters…the front railing will be handled as such.

Schematic for the front rail.

Schematic for the front rail.

The top and bottom will still be wooden rails, but will install four posts to provide stability. Two will be positioned at the ends of the rail (will need to make sure they’re aligned with the foundation beams #1 and 8). And the remaining two…they’re sorta positioned a bit over from beams 3 and 6. Mostly to make them align with the front patio/windows’ inner beams (indicated by the lime arrows above).  And yes, will utilize plexiglass in the rails to simulate the glass look.

Side view of schematic.

Side view of schematic.

To make sure the rail is as close to staying straight as possible, I’ll need to extend the railing/glass combo to the side. As you can see in the above photo, the yellow dotted lines shows where the extension will be positioned. Figured having it attached to the Neville House will provide additional stability. I was initially bummed that I’ll need to close that end of the Nevill House’s front deck. But for the sake of providing some kind of support to the rails (and BK pointed out, it will help distribute the weight evenly)…I’ll live with it.

That’s the game plan overall for the Neville House’s railing (part II). It’s a straight-forward enough task, but I think the bigger challenge will be to pace myself. Especially if the railings turn out to be bowlegged, I’ll need to dampen the parts and clamp them onto solid, even surface to dry. And hopefully it’ll straighten itself as it dries. The last thing we need is another bowlegged set of rails (oi vey).


2 thoughts on “Change of Game Plans

  1. Love the new plan! It’s going to look fantastic. This was just a minor hicup in an otherwise stunning build. What fun would it be if you didn’t want to pull your hair out every once an while?

    • I sure hope so Kat. I’ll be happy once the supplies arrive and I can start working. The waiting around is starting to gnaw at me. :O

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