It Has Been Awhile – Time for Baby Steps

First and firstmost….I am so sorry for neglecting this blog. As I type this, my brain’s still cringing at the realization that it’s been…almost 7 months since the the last entry. Egads, where has time gone?

Second…I was originally going to title this entry “It’s Been Awhile”. But then I realized that’s the same title as the Staind song. And I really, really don’t want to get some kind of cease and desist from Atlantic Records. Or something of that sort. Though ironically, was listening to this song during those 7 months as well.

I won’t bore you with the details, but…my AWOL was really because of numerous things. If it wasn’t stress from work, it was illness. Or bouts of illnesses brought about by stress from work. Given the worried state I put BK through, it seems like this is year (so far) has given me more illnesses than I could remember. Which in turn seriously put the brakes on almost everything that didn’t involve either illness or work.

The good news (currently) is that I seem to be improving. But from hereon, I have to make certain changes to my lifestyle. Most of it involves changes in my diet and trying out new activities. But in terms of my hobbies….let’s say I need to learn to be intimate with a respirator each time I work on my minis. And invest on some fancy ass air purifiers to use in the house.

With these recent developments…I will try to post on my blog. But it really might be sporadic. So again, apologies to everyone who’s been following my blog.

In terms of what’s on my queue:

  1. Yes, I’m still doing the HBS Challenge regarding the DCC. But given I’m now resuming where I last left off…I want to be upfront to the ever awesome folks at HBS that I might not finish on time. However, I’m a woman of my word, so despite missing the deadline I still intend to finish the build. Besides, I don’t want M. Bangalter and M. Hohem-Christo going after me with a Sharpie marker because I didn’t finish their pad. Or ransack the storage unit even more for stuff they want to use.
  2. I’m apparently involved in heavy negotiations with (of all folks) BK and some close friends about participating in this year’s Undersize Urbanite contest. I’ve stayed in the sidelines since the contest’s inception mostly due to time. And also, my discomfort about pitting my work against more talented miniaturists. Plus, I already feel terrible for being behind on the DCC build.

    BK, on the other hand, thinks I need a good shove to get back to my hobby. He’s right in a way — being bed-ridden was awfully sucky. Because I couldn’t do anything besides read, nap, or watch the occasional show online. As he put “…you’re happier when you’re around your minis. I just want my wife to be happy again.”

So will see. I don’t want to promise anything. At least not yet. šŸ™‚

However, I am happy to report that I did complete a project. It was a sneak job (sneak in that I snuck downstairs to work on it for an hour. Before BK made me go back to bed and rest). But was happy at the outcome.

Yes! Another CB Neville House!

Yes! Another CB Neville House!

I’ll try to write the next post about this new build. Mostly because I have to redo the photos (gah!).

Again…thank you all for your patience.



13 thoughts on “It Has Been Awhile – Time for Baby Steps

  1. Yay!!! You were missed! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to reach out to you…to make sure all was well. Glad you are feeling better… and absolutely, you should enter the Undersize Urbanite Contest. Go for it! Welcome back!

  2. Hello there! Happy to hear about you getting better. Love you new project especially the balconey. I have been absent too due to moving, Yes all 21 dollhouses from my house of 30 years! Funny how time flies. Keep us informed all about you. We care! xoxo CM

    • Whoa! That’s alot of dollhouses. You should share tips on how you did it — methinks many of us had a casualty or two when it came to moving our prized items. šŸ™‚

  3. Glad you are back! I’ve been checking your blog often hoping to see an update and here it is! Yay! Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Is it the dust or fumes that gives you breathing problems with working with minis?

    • Hello April – it seems like the fumes/dust are the likely culprit. But at the same, I did some traveling this year so it’s possible I got exposed to something else which got further exacerbated by working on minis, gardening, etc. It’s still a toss up, and no one can really give a straight answer. The only thing we know for certain is that I need to apply extra precautions.

  4. Nice to hear from you! I know all about being away from the blog for a while- I actually made a post today sharing what I’d been up to! Can’t wait to see more progress from you and SUPER happy you are feeling better!

  5. Good to see you back! And DO NOT worry about not finishing on time. Since our blogging guests can’t enter the gift kit in the contest, THERE IS NO DEADLINE. Just glad to hear you are doing better. Take care of yourself! And, we LOVE the Neville Houses!

    • Hi Linda – so sorry for the really late response! In regards to your question – the DCC is still on construction mode. I have long since missed the deadline HBS implemented, but I’m still intend to push to finish it. Trust me, it’s driving me nuts knowing that I know exactly what needs to be done – but there’s not enough time in the day to allow me to sit down and work on it. Sadly, BK refuses for me to become an insomniac. šŸ˜¦

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