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PhotoWhere to begin…began my love for dollhouses and miniatures ever since I was seven. Loved to read stories by Rumer Godden about dolls and dollhouses and was fascinated at the thought of miniature sized versions of real homes. Guess my parents got the message because at age nine, I received my first Victorian dollhouse. And the obsession began.

Fast forward several years later. Despite being an adult (with adult responsibilities — kinda scary there!), I am still harboring this hobby. Except now, I got a job, a house,  a loving & supportive husband identified as BK, our pet rats and our dog Sierra (who I love to bits until she decided to cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2014). And now I get to play with power tools and make minis the way I want.

Okay, correction – only when BK allows me near the power tools. Or when the local Home Depot is in a good mood and gives me their blessings. 🙂

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Daphne,
    Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog! I am up to July, 2014 now and I am trying to make them last, just like my Halloween candy when I was 10!
    It just so happens that I am attempting my first Greenleaf kit since the late 1980’s. I bought two of the kits from the 2012 Spring Fling, the Asahi Teahouse (named by the winner), and am going to combine them into one little beachside vacation rental.
    I need to increase the height by a couple inches, so your post from April 12, 2012, My First Kit Bash – Think it’s a Success So Far…., was very helpful!
    I have some 1/8″ plywood on hand, and I think I’ll use that to make 2″ strips to attach to all of the walls. Your tip about using cellfoam is a great one! I’ll coat all of the walls with that for added strength, as you suggested!It’s in my Amazon basket now!
    I am departing from my “normal” with the furnishings in this project, too. Most every piece going in, including the light fixtures and plumbing are all things I designed and am having printed from Shapeways. They are all very sleek and modern, and I am very excited to give it a try!
    Thanks again for your blog – it is not only full of great information, it is always well written and makes me snort-laugh pretty often! Can’t wait for more!
    Jodi Hippler

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