Fun with (Artist Trading) Cards

Since I started moving to modern miniatures, one of my biggest challenges was the decor. Notably wall decor.

Will admit I relied on the stylings from other modern miniature blogs like Mini Modern where I got introduced (and hooked) to displaying mini Rex Ray paintings and what not.  Or lately, I do enjoy randomly using laser cut beads and arranging them to look like installation art.

Living room in the ARC III.

Living room in the ARC III.

Or using my Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks to resize existing work. Vintage travel posters are always a reliable standby.

But again, I didn’t want to rely too much on these options. Hence my discovery on Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals).

I didn’t know much about them – but I remember seeing these cards for the first time at a local art festival where BK and I used to live. I initially thought these cards (they’re about the size of a baseball card, about 2.5 x 3.5 inches) were business cards advertising the artist. Until I saw they had price tags – price tags that imho, were WAY more reasonable than the actual life sized pieces.

Jerry’s Artrama gave a good definition of what ATCs are:

“…Artist trading cards (commonly referred to as ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized “swap” events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5″ × 3.5″.

Essentially (if I’m understanding it right), the intention is to give artists another means to trade and collect works from other fellow artists. Which is a pretty darn cool idea. Even cooler for a miniature dork like me? They’re another source of artwork to grace my miniature scenes. Especially if I wanted something big.

So whenever I can get a chance, if I see an ATC card, I usually try to pounce on them and buy copies if I really love the design. One such artist is Poxodd – definitely fell in love with the ATCs for not just how colorful they are, but it had that delicious mix of the weird and fantastic that I couldn’t resist.

My first ATC cards from Poxod. Initially purchased from Etsy, but available at

My first ATC cards from Poxod. Clockwise from top: Communications Operator, Swamp Dweller,  Cactootsy – Poxoddland Band #2, and the Bellmeister – Poxoddland Band #3. Initially purchased from Etsy, but available at

I had initially planned to use some ATC frames (D’s Miniatures and Collectibles on eBay carries some nice ones that can fit them nicely). But I was worried having something frame them these prints would detract the eye from the card’s overall design.  Guess this meant another trip downstairs to my (just recently cleaned) dining room for a quickie project.

My implements of war for this project...and a sorta assembly process. Just work with me people.

My implements of war for this project…and a sorta assembly process. Just work with me people.

Again, didn’t bother with taking step by step photos because (a) was winging it overall and (b) it happened pretty quick. I prolly banged this out in about 30 mins….way less than it’s taking me to write this blog entry. (“Slow and steady wins the….nope, still plodding along”).

But basically what happened was this:

  1. I measured out the dimensions of the ATC card – as stated earlier, they’re about 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
  2. I used some 1/8×1/8 inch wood strips and cut out pieces needed to make a frame that’s the same size as the ATC. To make it faster (since I had 4 cards), I used about 1.5 wood strips to cut out 4 pairs of the long sides for the frame….then when made another 4 pairs for the short sides. Cluelessness Laziness Airheadness Efficiency at its best I guess.
  3. Once the pieces were cut, I group them into four sets (each set having 2 long and 2 short ends). One set at a time, I sanded/wiped down before getting some beeswax woodpolish to make them nice and shiny.
  4. After all the sets were prepped, I used my corner tool (the thing in white) and started assembling them one set a time. I’d glue one long/one short together using Tacky glue, let it set a few minutes, then attach the remaining long/short pieces to form the frame.I used a fast grab type of tacky glue so the pieces would set quickly for me to gently slide them off the tool onto my work mat so I can work on the next set.
  5. Once the sets were dried enough, I attached an ATC onto a frame using GlueDot strips along the back edge of the card before pressing it onto the card. I ended up putting a pile of heavy books atop the framed art cards to make sure the glue strips had a chance to bond onto the frame…and for the frame to stay nice and flat.

End result? I got my lovely ATCs from Poxodd set to look like they’re artwork on a canvas frame…and I got to a chance to display the back of the cards (to show the artwork’s title and the artist’s name. Win!).


Was pretty happy at how this on the fly project worked out. So much in fact…I actually had extra pieces that made the frames. Ended up bagging them so now I’ll have a template to use the next time I decide to do this for future ATCs/miniature artwork.

Let's hope I don't lose this...I really don't want to waste my lumber supplies figuring this out all over again.

Let’s hope I don’t lose this…I really don’t want to waste my lumber supplies figuring this out all over again.

In the meantime…looks like my new roombox’s new occupants made dibs on a couple of the prints. I’ll think about it. Right now, the place still looks like a disaster zone! (shudder)


Hey! What are you doing??? Put those back – no never mind, they left the cash on the table. My bad!


Proof of Life (aka “Slowly Getting Back on the Saddle”)

Okay, so BK originally wanted me to title this post after SugarHill Gang’s “Apache (Jump on It)”. Mostly because he’s been sending all this week YouTube videos that use this song. Ended up settling on this given my (guilty) love watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns…

(This never fails to crack me up. Poor Carlton!)

Anyhoo, I did promise in the last post to get some pics up on a small project I did work on during my illness(es). Compared to the time it took to build the first Neville House, this project was particularly difficult for me. Mostly because I knew I could work on it on the same amount of time if I pushed myself. But my body decided to give me the flying birdie instead. That, and I had BK to contend with. And let’s face it – my husband’s my biggest kryptonite. 😦

Advanced apologies for the somewhat blurry shots. Now with fall upon us, my house doesn’t exactly get alot of good natural light. So I had to make do with the the afternoon rays yesterday in my living room to take snapshots.

The Neville House II

The Neville House II

To keep things simple, the main exterior parts (the roof and walls) were done the same way as the first Neville House. I used corrugated black cardstock and painted basswood to simulate a tin roof. While the exterior walls were covered with the same board and batten sheets. Have to admit, was relieved to have saved my cardstock templates – it made cutting the pieces to fit go so much quicker. Especially since I had to sneak around to work on this house.

Just another view of the CB2 Neville II House

Just another view

Much like the Neville House I, doing the rails for House II was a pain in the ass challenge. This was the first time I wore a mask when I was sawing the wood pieces and cutting up the plexiglass. It was definitely sobering when you realize that even the little things are suddenly restricted. Like now, I have to be absolutely strict in making sure I swept up all the dust and small particles after the work. Though on the bright side, it did mean BK finally got me a Dyson to use for clean-up. 🙂

Even better, know that I knew what I needed to do, the assembling the railings moved quickly. Though if you look at the far right of the rail…the top rail isn’t fully attached to the corner post. Urgh, I’ll need to get back to that this weekend to repair.

Close up of the rails.

Close up of the rails.

Not sure what possessed me to do this, but on the photo below, the Neville House II originally had a step where the rails now stand. I managed to pop it off and close up the balcony with the railings. But in order to get inside the house…I used some scrap wood trim to build a makeshift front step leading inside.

New steps

New steps!

Close up of the steps...

Close up of the steps…

Alright, alrighty – I’ve blabbed about the exterior long enough! Onto the interior!

Close up of the interior.

Close up of the interior.

While the first Neville House was more of a sitting/dining area….I wanted the second house to have more of a private oasis vibe. Plus, I saw this bed at MultiforMiniatures’s Etsy shop and couldn’t pass it up. This was one of the dangers of me being stuck in bed — I’m an absolute terror when it comes to online shopping. I had an idea in my head how I wanted the room to look…and boy, was relieved to be able to replicate that mental image!

Side view of the interior.

Side view of the interior.

For starters, I used a teal colored cardstock (Freestyle Gulf from A Cherry on Top) to decorate the back wall. The floor I used some fabric cardstock I found on sale at Michaels to simulate carpeting. For the ceiling, I mimicked what I did at the first house and installed painted batten board.

As for furniture, I had to keep the pieces sparse given I really had a small amount of space to work with. Given my fondness for Petite Princess furniture…I had to install a chair and matching ottoman. While it’s out of scale, I put one of Miss Brae’s adorable pillows to provide a pop of color. Which reminds me…I need to stock up on more of these cuties! 😀

Left interior view from doorway.

Left interior view from doorway. Chair and ottoman are a vintage Petite Princess piece from eBay.
Pillow purchased from otterine’s miniatures (Etsy).

On the right side, I installed a small side table topped with a few accessories that I found in my one remaining miniature bin at home (everything else is in storage). And of course, I can’t resist using beads from 3StarStudios.

Right side of the Neville House II.

Right side of the Neville House II.
Side table purchased from Multiforminiatures (Etsy).
Walnut “wall installations” are walnut beads from 3StarStudioArts.

And the piece de resistance — obviously the bed! I couldn’t find my new camera so I could take a central shot of the bed. Had to make do with my aging smartphone’s camera….and some ibuprofen in order to contort my hand to get this shot. This bed was part of a special order I requested from M. Orloff of MultiforMiniatures during the spring.

BK was a pretty sore at me at the time for using part of my tax refund to get this bed…but after he saw it inside the Neville House II, he agreed it looked perfect. Hah! Victory!

A (difficult) shot of the bed.

A (difficult) shot of the bed.
Bed purchased from Multiforminiatures.
Lamps are vintage Strombecker lamps.
Alarm clock purchased from Manor House Miniatures.
Walnut “wall installations” are walnut beads from 3StarStudioArts.

And last, but not least — what’s a vacation home without showing off some suitcases right? I can’t recall which eBay vendor I found these (need to dig through my emails to find the invoice)…but I know they were meant to be 1:24 scale. Oddly, they work really well in this setting right? Kinda almost want a set of my own….

View of the suitcases.

View of the suitcases.

For the moment, both of the Neville Houses are atop my living room’s bookcase. I have a piece of MDF board big enough to hold both…but I need to figure out how I want to set these two. I was thinking maybe a two wing cabin in the woods, but BK thinks a beach setting is more appropriate.

But whatcha all think? Beach or wood setting? I almost imagine an outdoor patio between the two houses with some outdoor seating…maybe a grill if all goes well in my eBay bids. But don’t tell BK that ok? <insert toothy grin here>

For now...

For now…

New Project to Add to the Queue….and That’s Okay

Sorry folks – this was meant to be posted on Monday. But sadly, some serious doody hit the fan at work. Metaphorically speaking of course.

While the dust hasn’t cleared yet (and my veins on my forehead are still bulging out, according to a very wary BK)…some very happy news cropped out. Which I want to share to you guys. ‘Cause again, I’m all for sharing the wealth.

What’s the great news you ask? Well…the folks at 3StarStudioArts released the following kit. And I’m so &%@!@* excited!

The Tiki Bird House
Photo used with permission by 3StarStudioArts

Mme KP sent an email out announcing its release this past Sunday, but I didn’t get a chance to sit down and read the fanfare until later that evening. Which was perfect timing in retrospect – especially since I made the mistake of checking my work emails and seeing what has essentially become a meltdown of sorts. But I’m not gonna go that route — let’s just say I looked at my work email, gave them the mental flying birdie, then went back to Mme KP’s email so I can wrap myself with happy/giddy thoughts.

So back to the kit. For starters, the 3StarStudios teamed named the kit “The Tiki Bird House”. The official description of the kit says that the kit was “….inspired by majestic thunderbirds, Native American tipis, A-frame cabins, surfboards and the flair of glorious polynesian buildings.”

I can definitely see the polynesian features, while the middle component definitely screams A-frame (*swoon*). I was initially puzzled by the majestic thunderbird reference until I saw the photo showing the upper part of the house. Then it made total sense (and many apologies for the dim bulb moment on my end, that’s for sure).

Top view of the Tiki Bird House
Photo used with permission by 3StarStudioArts

Don’t laugh folks, but when I saw the word thunderbird, I immediately thought of that puppet action show from the 1960s “Thunderbirds are Go!”. Granted, I wasn’t even in existence when this came out….but I recalled seeing this on weekday afternoons and being fascinated by it to no end. Though the way the eyes move kinda creeps me out…

(sigh) Alrighty, time to get off the time warp and chair, and onward to the review!

What I loved the most about this kit is the interior. The rooms look generous in size, and the rooms within the A-Frame section call for an interesting challenge in decoration. BK and I had a good time deciding on the photos whether it’s really 4 rooms or two rooms with two roof terraces. The ladder’s a nice touch too (but you all know me — that’ll go in my pile of spare parts). 😀

The Tiki Bird House
Photo used with permission by 3StarStudioArts

But here’s the best part — you’re probably wondering what scale this kit can accommodate? Is it 1:12? Maybe the 1:16 scale? Half scale? The correct answer is — all of them! Even one of the members of the 3StarStudioArts team graciously provides a demo (it’s a plus that like the ARC, this is something even the kids can play with). The 1:12 and 1:16 scale works really well with the kit’s overall structure. For half scale, it gives the appearance of a house with really high ceilings (and really show off the big windows on the first floor. Talk about delicious mod goodness).

How the different scales look
Photo used with permission by 3StarStudioArts

So the kicker question is: did I get this? Well…yeah, I did. But to justify, I did get my tax refund back early (as I tend to file pretty early in the year out of habit). So…I’m going to consider it as my victory gift. I’ll figure out where to put it once it’s been constructed — based on the description, the house comes out to about 29 inches long x 16 inches high x 15 inches deep. So it’s a good sized house. As for the material, 1/4-inch MDF is used – which I’m intrigued about (no I haven’t thought about kitbashing this yet).

If anyone else has ordered this kit…do share! I’d love to hear folks thoughts and what they opted to do with the kit. I’m still deciding on what to turn mine. I could go for another modern house/villa, but a museum or even a nightclub came to mind….

But for now…I’ll have to wait for this baby to arrive while I start working on the DCC. Reserving that for the next post!

Victorious Dilemmas – Oh Noes!

Given the last entry was on the cathartic note…hopefully this one will give you all a chuckle at how inept I can be sometimes.

A few weeks back, someone posted a listing on eBay on the CB2 Miniature Neville House. I was pretty excited when I saw it because I had meant to get one when Crate & Barrel’s more mod sibling store released it around 2011. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a CB2 anywhere near me so it was definitely a no go.

Anyways, so once I saw the listing, I put a max bid and left it at that. Next thing I knew, a bidding war erupted. I gave up in the end because the price just got too high for me to justify it. So the listing ended, and off it went to its new owner. Until a new listing showed up. The start price was a bit high at $75, but I put a low bid thinking that I’ll probably get outbid yet again. That is until a few minutes ago — and I got the notification from eBay saying I won it.

Finally! Ye miniature gods, thou hath answered my call!

Picture of CB2's Neville House. Photo found on

Picture of CB2’s Neville House. Photo found on

I saw blog entries about this house from Call of the Small and MiniModern (which inspired me to keep an eye for it). Granted, it looks like it can accommodate stuff from 1:16 down, but given BK and I are moving things into storage….I’m only allowed to keep smaller scale minis to display around the house. Yes, the ARC III is safe — that’s permanently taken residence on my dining room table as part of the decor. That’s partly why I’m trying out other scales to circumvent the whole space issue going on at home. Yeah, sneaky on my end. But hey, it’s an obsession — and sometimes, ones does desperate things. 🙂

[Update: Modern Mini Houses shared her entries about the Neville House since she owns one too! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!]

Sorry, digressing here. Back to the post!

So while I’m shaking off my stunned surprise that I won the Neville House (really, really thought I’d be outbid at the last second)….I also came across this beauty on Etsy.

Half scale (1:24) DIY cardboard dollhouse.
From Melissasminiwereld.

During my hunt for half scale items on Etsy (just to see what’s out there), I found this shop called Mellisasminiwerld where Mme. Sipma creates 1:24 and 1:48 scale minis out of cardboard. Talk about intriguing! I love the details around the windows and door. And the fact it’s cardboard….it almost screams a delicious challenge to find ways to decorate the exterior.

I contacted Mme. Sipma on the dimensions for the half scale version, and the lovely shopkeeper told me that it’s about 30cm high x 18 cm deepx 23 cm wide (about 11.8 x 7 x 9 inches).  Hmm…I can definitely fit that atop the bookcase….

Egads! I want this house too! But now I have the Neville being shipped here soon….and I need to flesh out The Retreat! What am I gonna do??? Even more, how am I gonna explain to BK why there are more kits coming home when I’m putting a good bunch of my currents ones into storage?

Curse this obsession! No…wait – yay for obsessions!

But I guess there’s only way to settle things. And that’s playing rock paper scissors lizard Spock!

Schematic of the game.
Image from The Recidivist.

Though Sheldon definitely explains it way better (sorry, my love for the Big Bang Theory knows no bounds).

What do you guys think? Should I go for the cardboard house? Maybe use that as the Retreat? Or as a counter to it? Ack, this and the flu’s making me loopy again!

Sharing the Wealth

There are many (as in many^infinity) things I love about the miniature hobby. Among them are how fellow miniature bloggers are willing to “share the wealth”.  Not just tutorials, but also a chance to show their loot to the admiration and cheers of those who follow their blogs. For this entry, it’s gonna be one of those “share the wealth” posts. But also a warm shout out of appreciation to one of my favorite online mini shops.

Ever since I bought the ARC, the ever talented folks at 3StarStudio have been awesome. Not only have Monsieur Z, Mme KP, and Mlle. Luna generate awesome dollhouses (I will get you soon Reversible Dollhouse!), but they’ve been so helpful. Especially after some douchebag took my ARC I during a party at my house. They were responsive and have to say, included the funniest notes when they shipped the ARC II to me to resume my project. Just the fact they’re so proud of their work and are willing to share their love for miniatures. I dunno, just find that to be awesome.

Of course, the minute BK got me the ARC III as a Christmas gift, I rushed to the 3StarStudio shop to purchase a few things for said house. When I told them that BK bought the kit from them, they threw out a suggestion for me to try on the ARC. I was totally game with it, so they told me they’ll add it along to my order.

When the package arrived (as it was amongst the pile of loot I picked up from the post office), not only did I received what I purchased below:

The BUTTERFLY Furniture Set in 1:12 scale – Baltic Birch Plywood
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

But also this:

The Butterfly Dollhouse Furniture Set: Solid Walnut
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

Mme KP and Monsieur Z offered for me to try out the above set on the ARC III. From their experience (am guessing seeing Mlle. Luna play with them), even though this set is 1/24 scale, it apparently works very well on on the ARC’s 1:16 scale setting. I was seriously stunned that they gave this to me to play with. The set is seriously adorable — and it doesn’t hurt that the walnut wood used looks amazing when waxed and polished.

Suffice to say, I assembled the chairs, a table, and two of the smaller tables for Cilla to enjoy. And they were right — it looks great! I mean, you all know I go absolutely ga-ga over anything mid-century when it comes to miniatures!

Cilla modeling some pieces from the Butterfly Walnut Furniture set.
Set created by 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. Plants were purchased from SueBees Miniatures on eBay. Cilla is a U-Woman figure kit from Mr. Props shop on

For the ARC III, am definitely going to use the chairs, one of the big tables, two of the side tables and one of the credenzas/sideboards. For the rest of the pieces – they are going to be showcased in my next project after the ARC III.  Let’s just say I found a couple of things that prompted me to delve into the 1/24 scale….

JJ’s Dollhouse Cottage in 1/24 Scale
From the Real Good Toys website. All Rights Reserved.

If the walnut furniture set wasn’t enough, Monsieur Z and Mme KP included the following in my package too.

Everyone, meet Copeland

Everyone, meet Copeland


I’m not sure where this piece was acquired, but it’s definitely made by an artisan based on the signature and number underneath the body/case. But it’s definitely a beautiful piece. Granted, when I got it in the mail, one of its legs and the part where the foot pedals are located was broken off. And the hinges holding the top part of the piano was loose. But still…I fell in love with it.

Monsieur Z and Mme KP included a note with this piano (whom I’ve named Copeland. Don’t ask me why, but the name came to mind) saying that Mlle Luna wasn’t ready to handle delicate pieces like this one. And that if I didn’t have a space for this piece, that I’m to pass it forward.

Oh don’t you worry you guys. Copeland’s found a home here with me. See? I even managed to fix it. All thanks to some tacky glue, a few clamps, and make shift riggings using rubber bands. Just have to hunt for a piano bench.

I was initially thinking BK’s 1:12 counterpart Bryan would be commandering this instrument (as BK actually plays the piano. Though he hasn’t been keeping up in playing some pieces for me after dinner *cough, cough*). But my gut’s telling me someone amongst my miniature dolls wants dibs on Copeland….

ARC III Construction Underway

So work began on constructing the ARC III. And for me construction can fall in two categories depending on the kit in question. One would be I’d have enough energy and focus to work on one aspect of the dollhouse. The other would be I’d work straight through and forget everything….including eating apparently. 🙂

For today, I actually fell in the latter category. I started working on ARC III around noontime (after BK and I finished our errands)…and I stopped around midnight Sunday. Mostly because I realized (a) I should write an update on the building progress and (b) Sunday is the SuperBowl….and I need to make a couple of things to bring over at a friend’s place to watch the game and nosh. Man, talk about a crazy lineup! Meh, I just need about 5 hrs of sleep and I’m typically good…

In terms of construction, I’m following the same steps I used to construct the ARC I and ARC II. I started by prepping the walls and ceilings with some primer before sanding them down. The wood was a little bit rough in some areas, so the prepping took a bit longer. Think I ended up sanding the interior side of the panels about 4 times until I got the finish I wanted.

Prepping the main panels.

Prepping the main panels.

After the sanding, I started installing the flooring. I had purchased over the holidays more wood veener edge bandings(the kind you use for wood cabinets and counters) from ChiquinellySupplies. But instead of using dark walnut (which the ARC II) had…I decided to try the sapele wood instead. I wanted something that had slight reddish undertones to add interest and constrast to the walls (more on that later).

Installed the sapele wood veneer edge banding. Not bad eh?

Installed the sapele wood veneer edge banding. Not bad eh?

Despite the width of the edging (I got a roll that was 7/8″ wide versus my usual 1/2″ selections), the wood really looked nice. I ran my iron over the banding a couple more times after installation just to make sure the adhesive was secure. Once the floors were cool enough to the touch, I gave the floors a light sanding and a thorough wipe down with a tack cloth before polishing the surface with my beeswax based wax.

Close up of the new floors.

Close up of the new floor.

After the flooring, I then tackled painting the ceilings. I used Ceramcoat white acrylic paint since that was all I had.

And after finishing the ceilings…I started tackling the walls. The front panels (that have the front doors and windows) I painted with an off-white color and sanded until it was smooth. Much like in the ARC II, I wanted these walls to be plain while the side walls will be wallpapered….or in the case of the first floor, I steeled myself to install something that I love visually, but now makes me cringe doing it.

Both side walls I made the stupid pea-brained risky choice of installing egg carton bricks for the first floor walls. We all know my love-hate relationship in making the bricks from egg cartons. Cutting out strips and turning them into bricks are usually enough to make me cry. But I’ll grudgingly admit, they do look good when finished.

(If you have pointers on how to make brick cutting more enjoyable, please share. Am all ears)

Why? Why do you do this to yourself??

Why? Why do you do this to yourself??

So with a pair of tweezers, a paintbrush, and Weldbond glue, I slowly applied my bricks.

One wall down, one to go. (sigh)

One wall down, one to go. (sigh)

And once all the bricks were installed, did two layers of acrylic paint (see tutorial on on how the talented Ms. Brae turns her miniature bricks into something magical). Like Ms. Brae, I used Liquitex Burnt Sienna as my color of choice for the bricks. Once the paint dried, I put a couple of coats of matte Modge Podge to seal the colors. Then sprayed the brick surface with some Lysol and let it dry completely.

Close up of the finished product

Close up of the finished product

Luckily, I decided to only install the brick on the first floor side walls (the kitchen and living room accent walls). The second floor walls will be a surprise. 🙂

While waiting for the Lysol to completely dry out, I took the ARC III’s base and started figuring out what I wanted to do on the landscape. The space is kinda small, so I made do with installing a stone path with gravel in between.

The new front yard pathway.

The new front yard pathway.

I used some faux mini stones from and with some tacky glue, randomly selected pieces and glued them onto the ARC III base. Figured so long as it looks like a path, it will be fine. Then with a sponge brush and Modge Podge, I dabbed the surface of the stones to seal them a bit….and to push the glue in between the crevices.

Okay, I must be really sleepy because I actually giggled when typing “crevices”.

Another view.

Another view.

I waited a few minutes to let the Modge Podge start to get thick and slightly tacky. Then, with a small plastic spoon, I tapped some model ballast over the stones. Basically I was trying to sprinkly the gravel right into the crevices (hee hee — oh good lord). I then switched between damp and dry paper towels to wipe off the excess from the stones until the gravel looked even. I let the stuff sit for about an hour, before I applied more Modge Podge the other areas of the front yard,and filled them in with some powdered green turf to simulate grass.

So I guess in a way, I covered a good amount of ground…now I have to wait for everything to dry, before doing the next round. Like the grouting (oh boy)….

Swoon? Why Yes, Please

Hey everyone, I know it’s been awhile since the last post. Work has really gotten stressful since the last time I wrote an entry. My job promotion this past April has pretty much entered the managerial sphere….which I have no experience in doing whatsoever. So it was essentially a HUGE learning curve, and while I emerged victorious in some, there were others where I seriously thought my bosses should fire me on the spot….

I’m really hoping to see some breathing room in the next couple of weeks. The CC is still not finished (Dasha and Lena are NOT HAPPY with me at the moment), and I did some work on the vintage Lundy Stockholm (need to load the pics). Also on queue is a little mini project for my in-laws (will have to post the entries after the holidays, since it’s part of their present), and a dollhouse for BK’s coworker’s daughter, whom we absolutely adore. So yeah….busy year…

….and it might get busier, now that Monsieur Z and Mme KP just released yet another droolworthy kit from their Etsy shop….the Reversible Row House!

Photo from 3StartStudios. All Rights Reserved.

Based on the shop’s description of the product – essentially you can flip the dollhouse kit upside down. So there’s no right or wrong side in terms of the rooms. It’s actually really cool given that you can flip the rowhouse if you want a different layout of the room. And the best part? This is in 1:12 scale folks — which is a first for me to see come out of this shop. Warning though folks, the price is a little bit high, but from my experience with the ARC, you’re getting a high quality product (the wood is so easy to work with and sands beautifully when it comes to painting the surfaces).

Dear lord, am salivating as I type this. The impatient part of me wants to plunk down an order just so this is my inventory. But then again…my family has been bugging me about what I want for the holidays. *creaky wheels starting to turn*

Again, do check out the 3StarStudio’s shop on Etsy and scope out their stuff.  And Monsieur Z and Mme. KP — please keep cranking out these beauties! I might be losing space in my house, but that’s okay. Maybe BK might be open to getting us a bigger place (insert BK laughing and going “nope!”)….